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A few questions and a complaint

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So my brother bought the season pass on his profile... this wouldn't matter but it doesnt give me any of the dlc gobblegums since my profile "doesn't" have the pass. I still have the maps but this seems like a scam considering it is profile specific. 


However, i have been thinking about a possible advantage: if i dont have the dlc gobblegums, is the chance for the non dlc ones like perkaholic greater?




When is the best time to use a perkaholic.. i have 6 but am always afraid that ill waste it stupidly.


Are the easter eggs easier solo or coop? I like being able to pause to look stuff up (0 experience with the steps) but i dont know if i can do the bosses alone.


Overall i am kind of annoyed about how every map has to have an "easter egg" now. If i need to look up a guide on how to do it... not really fun the first time. Afterwards yes but struggling to figure it out is not what i call enjoyable.  


P.S i wish they could add custom maps to console like other games have mods now.

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In theory you should have more of a chance to get Perkaholic because you don't have those extra gums. I'm not sure of the exact percentages though.

As for when to use them, I'd use them right before you do the boss fight. Or at least midway through the egg if you aren't confident. I would use it at the start, but I'm always worried I'll go down before I get to the end. Just make sure you carry Aftertaste GobbleGums, just so you can use them after you get Perkaholic and be "safe" for 3 rounds.

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Soe you need 4 players (pretty easy if everyone knows what to do)


Der eisendrache is easier on solo (i tried 2 times coop and we died in the boss fight one time with 2 players one time with 4 - a panzer will spawn in the last part and in coop it was very laggy)


Zns is easy solo (dont did it coop)


Gk - definitely do it with a team 

I did it both - solo and 4 player hardest ee on solo but pretty easy with a team if they know what they are doing 

4 player (or at least one more with the gg dead man walking because you dont have it and btw the only usefull dlc gg for the ee's)


Rev: was easy on 4 players but we died the first time at the first boss fight because we wasnt prepared what will come


I didnt tried it yet solo and i think i will not invest the time


If you play with perkaholic use it at the beginning -  


Make sure you know what to do if you “invest“ a perkaholic you dont want to loose them because you fall into the water at the zipline in zns


Or just do it like most of the people on the leaderboards



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