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Coming together to create a great map.

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Now that the Black Ops III Mod Tools are out and that a lot of people have had some good time with them I thought it was time to finally make this post.


Creating a zombie map alone is not easy and it can become very frustrating when you have day to day activities going on out with the computer. This is why I feel like the community has to come together to form some sort of team to help create a really good zombie map for Black Ops III. So far I have seen some good maps released but I have still yet to see a fairly big map with a storyline / point behind it other than just a quick map to get it on the workshop.


I want to form a team where I can have people who can draw out a good layout of the map that we decide on for it to be made in the mod tools.

Someone to deal with the storyline side of things and to come up with a storyline that could be continued on in more to be made maps.

People who have good experience in scripting. People who will be able to help with modelling and mapping.


The list goes on. If you are interested in wanting to help with creating a good zombie map for the community then please feel free to drop a reply below or even a message to me and we can sort things out. I already have a few people willing to help but the more the better. :)

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I was really hoping to see ported-over remasters of Black Ops 1 maps, but apparently the way those maps are put together means it's not possible. Me sad :sad:

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