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I discovered the full Rocket Shield upgrade steps....

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This may be more pertinent to Shadows of Evil, but the shield exists on more than one map, so....



Before you roll your eyes, I know that people already know how to obtain it. This explains how to go father and permanently upgrade it, and no one knows how to do that as of this posting. 

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I've never done the Shield upgrade, but why do you have to do the second part (grabbing the canisters)? Is it not permanent until you do that?

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Yeah it's not permanent till you do step two. Back when the map came out and it was discovered, people stopped looking 'cus they assumed they had finished the steps and everytime you wanted a new shield, you had to go bowling.

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@Conzul I can't seem to watch the video, but was there any notification after the second step? And are you playing online or local? Initially, the Goddard Apparatus would only last for one use and when you picked up the shield after it broke it would revert back to the Rocket Shield. But it was changed in a patch/update just after Christmas and I remember upgrading it in a Shadows run back in January, and keeping the Goddard Apparatus every time it broke for the rest of the game. If you are playing online, the second step should be unnecessary, it seems whatever the issue was with upgrading it was rectified. 

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No Shadows is really bad about ee notification sounds. 


Also, sorry about my choice of words. I should have said, "no one has publicised this step as of now", instead of insinuating that no one knows about it. 

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@Conzul I wasn't trying to say you didn't find the step first, I am saying that when I upgraded the shield (a long time ago), no such step was needed. They updated the game, and after you did the strikes and got the 'celebration' notification the Goddard Apparatus was unlocked for the rest of the game. Have you had games recently where if you don't take the boost refills from pods, the shield reverts back to the Rocket Shield when it breaks?

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You can see a short way in that when I get to the table the prompt says "Hold Sqr to take Zombie Shield". But I had the Goddard Apparatus on my back. 

It never let's you take a new shield of the same type until it's broken. So if I had held Sqr, I would have lost the Goddard Apparatus and regained the Rocket Shield. 



When I play, I lose the Goddard Apparatus unless I do what I showed in the video. 

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