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Your final thoughts on GobbleGums

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Wanted to hear your final thoughts on GobbleGums guys. Do you think the system was presented well? Do you like the effects it gives? Would you like to see it return in the next game?


I think Gumballs have their place...to an extent. I really enjoy the Classical and Whimsical ones, and think they do have a place in Zombies (change a few around of course).

Classical, I thought they are great for one off effects that may not necessarily fit into a perk, but some I didn't like (Danger Closest, Arms Grave) just due to being a perks effect, and its kind of like "hey we're never bringing this perk back, so have this timed version instead", so I would like to see those gone, and replaced with light effects that don't exactly deserve a perk or fit with a perk.

Whimsical, what a great touch! It has no effect on gameplay, but gives a nice fun choice/gum to play with. It honestly reminds me those easter eggs/cheat modes you could activate in older games, like making the guns shoot paintballs instead, etc. It's a shame we only got two of them.


Now we get to Mega Gumballs. At first I was okay with them, despite it being locked behind the Divinium system. The effects weren't too drastic, until you get to the Ultra-Rare ones Perkaholic and Killing Time. But I was still fine with them. As the DLC's have released though, and how they've release a new batch with them, I could see them getting more and more OP, and they were just running out of ideas. Like seriously, let's take a look at the Salvation Mega Gobblegums.


Mind Blown - (3x Activations) Gib the heads of all the zombies you can see, killing them.

Bullet Boost - (2x Activation) Re-Pack your current Pack-a-Punched gun (if supported).

Near Death Experience - (Activates Immediately, Lasts 3 full rounds) Revive, or be revived simply by being near other players. Revived players keep all their perks.

Profit Sharing - (Activates Immediately, Lasts 10 minutes) Points you earn are also recieved by nearby players and vice versa.

Round Robbin' - (1x Activation) Ends the current round. All players gain 1600 points.

Self Medication - (Auto-activates by getting a kill in last stand, 3x Activations) Auto revive yourself. Keep all your perks.


Let's start from the top.

Mind Blown is probably the most telling that they were running out of ideas. Gibs the heads of zombies you see, up to 3 times? Okay, you've got Dead of Nuclear Winter to summon a Nuke. Yes it's only 2 activations, but you are only missing out on 24 zombies, not a lot. If you use that when there's less than 24...well I just don't see why someone would ever do that. It does only mention Zombies, so I'm not sure if it applies to bosses or not. But at this point, you should be able to take care of bosses easily in BO3, especially with Wonder Weapons/Specialist Weapons. Crawl Space is much more useful than this one.

Bullet Boost will be one of the gums that hardly anyone uses along with Unbearable. Re-Packing is only 2500 points. And if you're happy with the AAT you got, you don't ever need it. You get no other benefit with Re-Packing like full ammo.

Near Death Experience is one of the more OP gums. Revive/be revived Area of Effect, AND KEEP YOUR PERKS? This is one of the gums people will be dependant on. Heck, I had to rely on that during the Revelations boss battle (which I'll get onto the subject in a bit). I don't think more needs to be said to be honest...

Profit Sharing I'll admit is a pretty unique idea that I didn't see coming. But I think this is only pretty useful early on. Later on you tend to be set up with most/all areas open, not to mention you have to be near each other. You tend to split up later on unless camping. At that point, you don't really need help getting points. And alternatively, you also have Shopping Spree, another Ultra-Rare GobbleGum. It's probably the closest you'd get to a bank in BO3. Oh yeah, and it's worthless on Solo. I think there is some potential to it though, just not in the current form.

Round Robbin' I just laughed in disbelief when I heard. Skip a round of zombies. Okay, that completely defeats the purpose of zombies, seeing how long you can survive an endless onslaught of zombies. Using this effectively eliminates the skill with high rounds. I hope it isn't legal in high round runs. But for casual little Timmy down on the corner bragging about his Round 50, how is everyone to know whether he used the gum or not? And 1600 points? Just lol.

Self Medication is self explanatory hiyo. When you go down, you get a Ray Gun. If you kill with that Ray Gun, your revived. And when it says "keep all your perks", it literally means ALL your perks. You will keep Quick Revive. So in Solo, along with your 3 revives, you get 3 extra chances as well. Combine this with Zetsubou No Shima's Imprint Plant??? Did we really need another reviving Mega?


It just got way too out of hand in my opinion. But you know the worst thing? When they design the easter egg around gobblegums. Zetsubou No Shima needed Anywhere But Here. It's not too bad, but the fact it's not hinted at all is the problem. Gorod Krovi is probably the worst offender. Danger Closest isn't needed, but it makes it a hell of a lot easier, nulling the most dangerous attacks from the Dragon and Nikolai. The Valkyrie/Mangler Sophia Quest is one of the hardest challenges in this game, with the AI not properly reacting/following you. I just couldn't do it without Dead Man Walking. And yes, every single egg can be done without gums (except the ZNS one), but I feel they purposely design these easter eggs around the gums. I applaud anyone who can manage to revive someone during the Margwa Boss Room in Revelations without Near Death Experience, I just can't see how, especially with how the room changes. And I hate that. I hate I had to depend on it like that. I want to be able to do these without Mega Gums.


And so from there we get Dr. Monty's Factory. Funny thing is, one month after the game was released, Call of Duty made a video that showed you could actually trade in GobbleGums for Liquid Divinium, with no sign of the CoD Points system (look at 0:40 in the bottom left). Which is really odd, and was clearly made before the game came out, because it was never like that on release. And so the greediness of Activision shows. Do you remember when there was a 2 LD limit per game? Thank god that was removed. But, with how the eggs really utilize the mega gums, I can't help but feel like that was the plan. To get people to buy CoD Points, so they could buy Liquid Divinium and have a CHANCE at getting those much needed gums. It's just disgusting.


Lastly, GobbleGums cannibalized perks and unique mechanics. PhD Flopper became Danger Closest and Slaughter Slide. Tombstone was dismantled into Arms Grace and Aftertaste. Who's Who is pretty much a worse Self Medication. I am honestly surprised Deadshot Daiquiri is still a perk considering it's probably the weakest one, plus Head Drama. But of course, we only got one new perk this time around. It feels like any potential ideas for new perks just weren't thought out, or became GobbleGums.

And you've got mechanics like the Hacker/Big Guy basically becoming GobbleGums (gums relating to the box pretty much). It's not too bad considering we still have interesting mechanics (Beast Mode, Gas Mask, etc), but worrying you'll never see those mechanics in-game, only in gum form now.

Lets also not forget Random Perk Bottles. They were very attainable in The Giant, but their appearance rate was nerfed. Which I agree with, they felt very common. But not as much as it was nerfed, because it honestly feels like they don't exist at all. But Shadows? Der Eisendrache? Gorod Krovi? No way to get a Random Perk Bottle (except GK through challenges) ingame, unless you do the Easter Egg, which most people only tend to do once, maybe a couple of times. Or through GobbleGums. I loved the way Zetsubou No Shima did it. You could get all perks through hard work. The later maps do give you the challenge board reward yes, and Revelations gives you the wall run RPB. But the lack of way's to get RPB, along with the combination of having Der Wunderfizz on half the maps (which felt lazy, especially on Revelations), just gives me the impression it was GobbleGum orientated design again.



All in all, I'm fine with Classic and Whimsical GobbleGums, with a few edits maybe. But Mega's need to go, as I feel map and gameplay has become built around them to an extent. Also it ruined creativity for new perks.

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You raise many good points. I feel that, while micro-transactions can be workable business model, they need to be done with care. The problem is that they already have the several DLC released per year business model, and they added this on top of it. This isn't a situation of needing revenue. Activision likely is just mashing business models together to squeeze out as much revenue as they can.


"What's the best way to make money?"

"All the ways."


I wonder what they'll add in their next games as a source of revenue. Some type of subscription system? Exclusive tiered content? I don't put it past them.

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I'm really disappointed that these pay to play/pay to win systems which only used to be a problem in mobile/app games have found their way in to mainstream gaming, and look like they are here to stay. You make a good point about GK, I saw that as a turning point as well. Needing a rare mega gobblegum to do the easter egg was a low blow, and we all know that Activision aren't hoping you grind for them, their hoping you pay for them.


@MysteryMachineX I agree with your point that Activision don't need revenue, but as a corporation are going to still try and generate as much as possible. The issue I have with this, is that Activision are a gaming company and the product they are now selling us, if paid for, is a form of gambling. I have no moral issue with betting shops, or gambling in general, but it still leaves a sour taste when you've paid 80 quid for a video game and their trying to force a form of gambling down your throat as well. If they've got no moral compass when it comes to making money, I wonder how long til we can get Activision's courier service to drop off a hooker and a bag of cocaine for the post gaming experience? 


But my biggest problem with gobblegums is that they make the gameplay way too easy. Some of the new dlc4 ones are very OP, but even classics like Alchemical Antithesis make gameplay/strategy far more linear and one dimensional.


A question I would have loved to have seen put to Jason Blundell, although I doubt we would have got a response, is what came first? Gobblegum machines, Dr Monty or cod points? I suspect it may well be the latter.

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I heartily agree with you for the most part, except that I might keep a few harmless megas and make a few megas into classics. 


I would keep:


Respin Cycle (saves a few hundred bucks, no big effect)


Secret Shopper (Not gamebreaking)


Shopping Free (reduce to 20 sec duration. It currently lasts far too long. Reducing to 20 seconds would make it an intense, timed and even fun challenge, but not game breaking) 


Profit Sharing (1 min upon activation) (can be extremely useful if @Hells Warrrior is having a rough game and loses all his perks several times and has almost no points :brace for impact: :biggrin:)


Aftertaste (I would actually suggest it can also be used x3 to revive teammates the traditional way, allowing them to keep their perks, making the user the 'medic' of sorts. Should Replace Self Medication, Phoenix Up and Near Death Experience)


I'm Feelin' Lucky (replace all drop spawn GGs)


Undead Man Walking (replace killing time, fear in the headlights) 


I would move to classic:


Temporal Gift (can be helpful, but minimally valuable)


And BO3Z would be much more bearable if Verrukt sprinters were all but removed. They had their place in COTD, but there was a reason instead of this round 3 sprinter BS. 

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I liked the idea of them, and what purpose they served. However, I would've rathered more modes, than tools that slightly extend the longevity of the single mode. It's a bit surprising that Black Ops 3 had more modes than Black Ops 2, but I digress.


I think there's a bit of a delicate balance with the gums and a gamemode like Zombies, and it's very easy to go overboard with them, which Treyarch certainly did. Like you said, Round Robbing is ridiculous. How it ever got past its' conception phase is beyond me. It can be the difference from being, say, 20th on the leaderboards and being at the top. I suppose these more OP GobbleGums were made to encourage purchases of CoD Points, but it still sucks.


I don't know man, overall Black Ops 3 was a big jumbled mess, and it's hard to even care about the mode anymore.

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tbh i dont really use gobblegums (i have six holics just sittihg there from grinding them out) but i used perkaholic recently and felt so powerful that i could undstand people buying them, and it disgusted me how easy the game became. i feel things like perkaholic should have scrapped during the beta or at least nerfed (i dont know how, i'm no game dev). so i whole-heartedly agree with you, and i pray that treyarch fixes their shit in the 3 years before a new game.


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Tech Admin

Frankly, I hope Treyarch take the severe criticism they have received for Black Ops 3 and return to the roots and listen to the community, get involved with the community and actually have a good and decent strategy going forward - I doubt I see myself buying another CoD title to be honest. I only bought 2 and 3 for zombies and 3 was a huge two fingers to the community as a whole. The GM's came into the game for one reason only, to make it easier for the new players to play - not to enhance the game in anyway shape or form, as they didn't.

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I welcome them in some ways. With some maps there's no much mucking around just to get set up, whereas using Gobblegums you can often skip all the crap and get right in there (for example, on Shadows, you can use Wall Power and Bullet Boost to get a wall gin with Dead Wire and you're ready to go, no quests required!). The only thing I have a serious problem with is the fact that whether or not you get the rare ones is all down to chance. You could spend hundreds to buy lots of CoD points, use all your Diviniums and still not get what you're after. There really should just be the option to buy a certain gum for a certain amount of Divinium or CoD points.


On 13/10/2016 at 4:40 AM, vecko916 said:

tbh i dont really use gobblegums (i have six holics just sittihg there from grinding them out) but i used perkaholic recently and felt so powerful that i could undstand people buying them, and it disgusted me how easy the game became.



I don't quite agree that Perkaholic is mega-OP, it's just having perks after all and there are ways to get more than 4 perks in most maps. If anything, it's just a timesaver in many cases (though it can make the earlier rounds easier in some cases, particularly if you're doing EEs). Once you're down, it's gone too. However, if you have a Perkaholic and numerous Self Medications, you're more or less invincible. Sucks that an average player could potentially break a world record if they also happen to have a lot of money.

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The idea of the Gobble Gums was not necessarily a bad one but the way the were incorporated was extremely poor. What should have been a nice little twist on the persistent perk idea was not. The normal free GG's included some really neat ones that work well as temporary effects vs. the core mechanics like the Danger Closest. It replaces the apparently over powered PHD Flopper and by only being a 3 round limit it makes the idea or running with explosive weapons more risky adding a more difficult balance to the game play but these free GG's were just a face for the more ridiculously over powered and kiddie candy ones that were obviously aimed at the easily manipulated children who's parents have disposable incomes.


The effects that some of the mega GG's have are literally game changing and not in a good way. They're no different to things like the bank in BO2, allowing players to get set up very early in a game with minimum effort on what is already a series of extremely easy and ultimately boring maps. Even the good maps are ruined by being too easy and these gumballs just make it beyond stupid. Day one on most maps and people are registering round 100+. Terrible.


Now, some people can and have said "Well you can just not use them you know." and this is true but this is not the reason I dislike them, well... not the main reason. For me it's the fact that they had a very interesting mechanic available that they could have used well to add difficulty to the game, especially if it meant the sacrifice of things like additional perk machines but they didn't make them with that purpose otherwise they would have kept them balanced and not included the OP ones. The addition of the more balanced ones were just to make it look that way. You should NEVER have had perkaholic as a GG or a few of the ones listed in the OP. They're only in there to make people buy LD. If you didn't have OP ones them people would be less inclined to want to pay real money over farming LD in-game.


I stopped playing MP in CoD because it was no longer about running and gunning but about investing cash for loadouts. The fact that RNG was involved meant you could invest a hundreds of bucks and still never get what you actually want. I will never play CoD MP again now and already barely touch zombies. I will definitely get IW for the stock zombie maps even though I know it is going to be micro-transaction laden but if it ends up being poor then I will not be touching the DLC. Mod tools are the only reason BO3 has not been a complete disaster in my eyes.

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I think the gg are ok 


You should remove some like perkaholic and somehow the possibility to dashboard... just check the leaderboards - i mean perkaholic used 400 times? 

You dont need perkaholic for high rounds or the ee but for the most the strategy is get to the gg machine and spin it to get perkaholic

Maybe they should increase the costs or just put only one in each map...but we know the reason why they didnt do it that way

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I like most of them.


I certainly dislike how some people use them though.

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I have all this time thought that gobblegums made the game way too easy. I'm fine with most of the classic gobblegums, cause they don't make the game too easy. They help, some more some less (alchemical is a bit OP though). But the megas is what ruins the game. And the fact that they're behind micro-transactions or endless grinding. You can have a gobblegum set of only ultra-rares when you play... they're all pretty OP. The idea was nice but making OP gobblegums and putting them obtainable through real money kinda ruined everything.

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I've been using Self Medication a lot and wow, is it overpowered. Under the right circumstances, as I said above even an average player has the potential to break world records on any map if they have a bunch of these. If you keep an RK5 with Dead Wire in your arsenal, then when you go down you'll pull that out and you can just shoot away until Dead Wire is activated and gets you a kill, then you're back up, all perks in place, no perkless scramble to Jugg or whatever which was always the biggest risk about going down.


What's more, you get 3 revives out of one gum, and that's without even using Quick Revive! So if you have a bunch of them then you could hit the Gobblegum machine at the end of every round for 500 points, and somewhere in 1 of your next 5 tries that gum is gonna pop up, so if you've lost one or two then you can keep spinning the machine and you've basically got room for 3 downs in 5 rounds before you replenish it.


Playing as above, you could save up a bunch of them and then you're all set to reach your desired round and then Dashboard the f*** outta there, or even if you use all 3 revives and then go down and lose a Quick Revive, Dashboard out before you get knocked down and the game ends. It's playing dirty, but just to demonstrate how potentially OP it is...

Edited by ZombiesAteMyPizza!

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