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Idea: The Groph File

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OK, so, I was thinking about the current state of the mod tools. I haven't properly used them yet (still building a PC), however, from what I've gathered, we've yet to secure the ability to add: 

-Custom Gumballs

-Custom Weapon Kits


Well I got to thinking, and I realized: Why do we need to edit the GAME'S files to get these features. 

From my layman's understanding of this, the game works like this: 

You start off selecting 5 gumballs:

You go into a game, once the game has begun, the 5 gumballs you've chosen go into a file.

You get a gum, it calls it's value (Ex. if you picked up an arm's grace, it'd say "Gumball_2", of course this isn't it's REAL name, but for clarity's sake, it's Gumball_2. ) 

Once the value is read, a certain effect is put into place such as "Upon Respawn: run "'Gumball_2'//Return guns" (again, this is NOT how the real game works it's much more complex but again, basic concepts)


SO. Why would we need to alter game files to do this? Why don't we instead build a universal program that holds a database of a horde of custom gumballs. Like this: Instead of the game calling "Gumball_2", it calls "Groph File-> Gumball_2" which takes the pre-selected gum from the GROPH file as opposed to the game file. 


I got thinking and realized: 

We could build a whole expansion on this. 


SO, when you download and install this groph file, you can bring up this GUI, which shows something similar to the game, with some minor changes. 

So you only have two options to begin with: 




Multiplayer is where people can post their custom maps, custom weapons, and custom whatevers for multiplayer. 


Zombies has a significant amount more. 

It has an entire gumball data-base which has a LONG list of custom gumballs created by the community and neatly sorted to all contain a different value. So, if you wanted a gumball that just gives you 10,000 points, select it, and add it to your pack. This pack is what the game will recognize as your gumball pack in-game. 


There's also an expansive list of weapon kits to use: NOTE weapon kits work differently, the custom map requires a weapon to be called to be in the game, so if you want to use, say, the fire staff with a fast-mags attachment (somehow) you set it up, then when you get the fire-staff in-game, it comes equipped with fast mags.  The key is that the custom map calls this weapon. 


Again, this is just an idea of mine that's not properly formulated yet and definitely not executable by myself. Just a thought though.

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