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Your Zombies Comic Predictions

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Just thought I'd ask what you guys are predicting to happen in the comic. Be that a place we visit, or something explained, or something happens, etc.


  • So, I think the comic will end with Origins Richtofen (with or without the others) getting the TranZit Crew's blood. They seem the most likely candidates to be the other 4 blood vials (with that SSMJABR cipher, plus Richtofen mentioning Sammy (most likely Samuel) when entering Mob in Origins (the other characters mention the blood and how they visited there). Now unfortunately I feel like he will kill them to obtain this, or the process will kill them. I really hope it doesn't, but we know nothing on how he extracted the blood from the Mob crew. I just hope they get a happy ending, or a decent one at least.
  • Misty's backstory will involve Samantha and Emilia. Mainly because everyone but her has a mysterious backstory to explore anyway (Russman and Broken Arrow, Marlton and Nuketown, Stuhlinger and The Flesh). Misty just has her farming background. But Abigail is seen in the chalk in Kino, and I think it would be neat to tie the two together instead of leaving it untouched.
  • Either explained through the story in the comic, or in one of the many ciphers meant to be hidden through the comics, I think we will learn of the Pentagon Thief's identity.
  • Brock, Gary and this mysterious new woman in the Revelations radios will be explored more. It just felt completely random for them to bring Brock and Gary back up in Zetsubou, but they did. But than they were bought back a second time in Revelations (with a bad re-recording of a Shang radio they literally could've copied the audio from. You already have Fred Tatasciore voicing Maxis and Nikolai, you couldn't get him to do Brock again Treyarch?). And it feels different because their was just honestly no need too. Like their story was done, and the ZNS reference was just like "oh hey remember these guys". But the fact they were bought back just seems like their is something more important going. Well obviously though, cause this new woman is introduced and we have no answers about her.
  • If not answered in a Revelations cipher or extra cutscene or whatever, we'll find out about what happened to the O4 after Moon and how Samantha got trapped in Agartha.

Anyway yeah, those are my predictions so far. What are yours?

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I think the first issue will be a recap of sorts, going over what has happened so far with these characters and what remains of their world. I think Richtofen will not show up until the last page for a bit of a cliffhanger effect.


I expect the characters backstories to be elaborated more on. From the second issues solicitation, the N4 will be going to a Broken Arrow building.


The series will end badly for the N4, likely ending in death for them, based on the Richtofen quote. At the very least I think we'll get a definite ending for these characters, and much more closure than we got in Buried.


Small hints and teasers that will set us up for the next Treyarch game.


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