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Complex:Jzob & Arceus WaW

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This map does not require T4M (I know lots of people don't like T4M so I tried my hardest not to use it) :)

If your having a problem running the map go to your texture settings and set Specular map resolution to high, if that doesn't work please check how to fix it on the bottom of the thread :)

also if you want to record the map make sure to use these texture settings or else the game will crash (waw limits) :|






Yes its finally here.... but it doesn't have everything that i wanted the map to have :/ reason why is that the BO3 mod tools are coming out soon and i would rather work with those tools. Also due to the fact that I've been hitting loads of limits with WaW itself.


This map features:


Ported weapons from various games EX: Black Ops 3, Advanced Warfare, Battlefield 4, Cod Online, Crysis 2 and 3 etc

Movable downed system (bo1-bo3)
Working Nanosuit thanks to M.A.K.E C E N T S
4 perk limit (having all perks makes it to easy)
Black ops 1 secondary nades Gersh and Dolls
Black ops 2 Hells Retriever and Redeemer
fullbright and fov options located in the game option menu
Black ops 1 Wavegun/Zapgun
Black ops 2 Sliquifier
Black ops 3 Elemental Pack A Punch (double upgrade)
Custom ambient zombie sounds from Sniper Elite Nazi Zombie Army
Cod Online Perk Machines and Box (Thanks a ton cow)
Custom Weapon sounds thanks to Partisan Executioner
Custom Hud
Deathmacnine power-up
Randomized power-up
Perks from Black ops 1-3 not all of them, and yes widows wine is in the map
Boss Zombies thanks to Redspace200 :)
and much more you just have to play to find out :P




Credits of the map :D


Tom_BMX/WinCat: Pretty much everything the community should be grateful for his hard work on his tools i cant thank him enough :D

DTZxPorter: For his amazing Wraith tool to rip bo3 assets cant thank him enough, also used his font tool :)
m0xf: His amazing tool to rip bo3 assets cant thank him enough
P0rkRoyalz: Lots of help in the beginning :) cant thank enough :D
Nikolai Belinski/Partisan Executioner: The mentor of teaching me weapon files without him my weapon files would be garbage cant thank him enough also the god at making weapon sounds :D (WOOF)
M.A.K.E C E N T S: Scripted me the nano suit in complex probably one of the best features the map has i cant thank him enough :D
Redspace200: Ballistic knife script and Panzer Soldat cant thank him enough... also another boss :)
xXxCowmanxXx09: Lots of motivation and lots of help with mapping also a really good friend :)
ASTR0: Lots of artwork for the map and a good friend
offth ewall: Lots of help with DW weapons and a huge help in riging the nanosuit i cant thank him enough :D
Dr.LilRobot: T7 to T5 Animation Rig
Claytonm456: Showed me how to do 3rd person anims a while back
R00feR: Lots of maya help :P
bwc66930: Lots of help with animating guns and lots of beta testing also a good friend
elfenliedtopfan5: One of the best animators i know and has help me lots of stuff good tuts as well :D
bvzthelaw: Man-O-War custom anims :)
Ray1235: PPSH-41 Re-Animated
smasher248: Mapping help
CHN: Walking bob script and used textures from his prefab that he released
JBird632: Custom Models etc
Nasaratsu: Reskin of CSS hands to nanosuit style looking hands
RVD: Tuts and his CoDWaW Sound Tool
Marvel4: Weapon Stats
IDOGFTW: Good friend of mine and beta test my map and other stuff
Demon_Mike: One of my best friends and went out of his way to help me with the story line of this map major thanks to him ( will be included with bo3 version not waw :| )
Lawman Jib Hecks/Sliserblade: Good friend of mine who gave me good ideas on the map and beta tested alot :)
BlackJackJonnyy: Amazing radiant tutorials
Kutejnikov Pavel: Amazing 3d models
Nukem: Mapping help
BlackBoss42/(Alpha) Ultimate Bear: Lots of motivation in porting weapons and also tips on mapping back in the day
deper63923: BO3 style powerup FX
ASTR0: Lots of artwork for the map and a good friend
GEARS228: One of my good friends who has gave me some good ideas on the map
Spider Man Man Man Man: Sent me some models I needed
PROxFTW: Some powerup scripts
Gamebanana: Some 3d models I got from there (forgot the people who made them :( sorry bout that) 
ThunderGivesMeGlee3: Motivation and a good friend also a beta tester


Beta Testers (that i can remember):


Nikolai Belinski/Partisan Executioner

Lawman Jib Hecks/Sliserblade

I'm also planning on making a Black Ops 3 version with an Easter Egg and much more. Would do it in waw but i'm hitting limits so ill wait till bo3 :)


Fixes if having crashing issues or the graphical glitch


1. renstall the map or re download the map because the map could have been corrupted

2. delete T4M or move the .dll file that T4M needs because this map does NOT require T4M
3. turn off spec maps before launching the mod/map
4. turn off spec maps, shadows, ocean simulation, dynamic foliage, bullet impacts before launching mod/map
5. set textures to high not extra
6. set textures to high not extra and turn off spec maps BEFORE launching the mod/map
7. set textures to high not extra and turn of spec maps, ocean simulaton, dynamic foliage, bullet impacts BEFORE launching the mod/map
8. re launch the map
9. re launch game with specs off
10. re luanch game with specs, shadows, ocean simulation, dynamic foliage, bullet impacts off
11. re launch with textures set to high not extra
12. re luanch with textures set to high not extra and, turn off with specs, shadows, ocean simulation, dynamic foliage, bullet impacts
13. exit out of programs you dont need open like google chrome
14. change game resolution and run in window mode
15. turn steam screenshots off (if you take a screenshot in game it will crash on fullscreen)
16. dont alt tab out of waw
17. if you want to record on the map.... make sure to run in window mode and turn spec maps off while recording will crash in fullscreen (turn the spec maps off in the menu not in game)
18. run in window mode and set textures to high if you want to record


Download Links



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