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The Call Of The Dead updated Story line

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Call of the dead, a rather unusual map and story, but lets dig in deep and unfold its mysteries.


It all begins with film direktor George A. Romero, prior on arriving to the siberian outpost he made some research for a WW2 movie and stumbled upon some old nazi documents in which he learned about element 115 and also about the "forgotten siberian outpost". But the question is why would George A. Romero choose this place for filming when he knew about the haunting past of the place?


Maybe he had plans of his own?


Anyway with that aside let's go to Revelations and discuss about the unknown women (possibly works for George A. Romero) who finds Romeros research and starts digging through. It is revealed that Romero had knowledge of our 4 (1.0) characters and their cooperation, which leads me to think maybe he knew about their future visitation to the outpost? Which would actually make sense because without the COTD crew being there the 1.0 crew would never have aquired the vrill. Maybe that was the plan Romero had in mind? to help the trapped crew, or maybe to aquire the vrill for himself? 


Later on she learns about a symbol and 2 guys named Brock and Gary and their mission to find an "artifact". 


Lets talk about the "artifact", we learn from Shangri-la that Brock and Gary are trying to find the gate way to Agartha which they believe the answers lays somewhere whitin Shangri-la. So they're trying to find a path to Agartha and because artifact is mentioned that leads me to believe they where looking for an artifact that could lead them to Agartha.


So what is the artifact? Possibly the Focusing stone that the 1.0 crew aquire at the end of the Shangri-la EE, which would make sense as it does open the Pyramid (aka Aether) with the help of the vrill. But what makes the Focusing stone capable of timetravel?-(when Brock grabs it he is teleported back in time to where the very first radio is recorded, however with some slight memory from their past).


And lastly the unkown women is teleported out of nowhere into Shangri-la and because of the never ending loop of Brock and Garry's expedition she is also invited to that loop however she doesn't interact with Brock and Gary...maybe they together can somehow brake the cycle?


And also the COTD crew is reported missing (maybe not dead*), we learn this in the first Revelations-Shangri-la radio.


So that is pretty much the story of COTD from bo1 to bo3.


Thank you for reading this post. 


So my question is how will this be relevant in the next game or even in Revelations???



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