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Black Ops 3 Final Thoughts and Opinions

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Black Ops 3 is now drawing to its end and Infinite Warfare is approaching and what a year it has been for Call of Duty Zombies. I know Black Ops 3 isn't going to be dead when IW releases as we will have the mod tools and there will always be the few who don't make the change over to IW but lets talk about BO3 Zombies and how good it was this year around.


When this game first released I couldn't wait to get my hands on the teased map Shadows of Evil. The theme, the characters, the map layout all looked perfect too me and after I had played it a good few times I instantly fell in love with BO3 Zombies. I actually expected Shadows of Evil to be one of the worst maps and thought that it would be a map just to keep us steady until DLC 1 released but I couldn't have been more wrong. The EE hunt grind was amazing and fun and even though things like PAP were a little more effort to get to, I still loved the challenge of doing all of the rituals and getting that door opened. But moving on to DLC.

I could blab on and write a book about the DLC this year so I will try and keep this short. Overall this year the DLC has been great. We got 4 great maps that were all story driven and had good gameplay in all of them. Der Eisendrache was my all time favourite this year as it just had everything I could ever ask for in a zombies map. Zetsobou being my least favourite as it was very buggy and Treyarch didn't seem to fix it very well and eventually the map became un-playable. Gorod Krovi, another great map with Dragons which was epic! I just wish the map had a little more open space to run the zombies as I felt that a lot of the map was tight corridors and rooms where you never had much space but over all a good map. Finally Revelations. This map was good. I was actually more dissapointed than happy with the map if I am going to be honest. I did like how they added the old maps back in but I felt like they could have added a little more of each map. Mob of The Dead for exapmle for tiny but I did like the idea they had. What really got me with Revelations was the EE ending. It was very poor and for all the time you put in to do the EE and for you to get a short cutscene that didn't even show the children or go in to a lot of detail was upsetting. The map was good though and I do think Treyarach have done a brilliant job this year on the DLC.


So my final opinion on the game is that the game was 100% worth playing and spending time on. The season pass was also worth the money due to the really good DLC. This year there was more grind to zombies aswell due to the leveling system and I thought that that was a great idea to add. Black Ops 3 now takes over Black Ops 1 place as my favourite zombie game of all time and I really can't wait to see what Treyarch pulls out next time around.

What is your finaly thoughts and opinions on BO3?

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I think I'm pretty much like you, interest and excitement slowly dwindled. I was heavily excited for the game, was curious and a little sad Richtofen killed Richtofen but thought okay, this is gonna be good. Shadows was great, the noire them is just so good. I think Der Eisendrache was the peak for me. I don't know if I even consider that a favourite of mine, but like Moon, it had the perfect mix of story and gameplay, and made a one-off character a lot more important (Groph). It's just a good map. Zetsubou came along, and I didn't hate it. But I just aint a fan of swamp maps in any video game in general. But it did make Takeo my favourite character out of that group.


At this point, I think is one the story started to disappoint me. Gorod Krovi was great gameplay wise and I loved Sophia and that intro, references to Gersch, Peter, Reznov. But that's just it. Peter got nothing, Gersch randomly babbled about the children for no reason, and Sophia's radios were just disappointing. Like the stuff that happened in that universe, I was finding it hard to care, because I wasn't sure, and still aren't sure, if Div 9 and dragons existed in original, but just hadn't been explored. Oh and of course I thought this map would explain Mob finally. Red eyes, Weasel saying Nikolai (it was a Nikolai focused map).

Revelations came along and I was hyped. The big end, this is gonna be good. The layout is good I guess. The map nolstagia for the old maps was good, but I think it's starting to wear off. And when I think about it, it just took things from other maps and made no real innovation or originality. No new perk or Wonder Weapon.
The egg was literally randomized. I really do hate that. I loved it took a long time, I just hate the reason it took a long time. The cutscene could've been more.
Biggest fault though is that this map is easily the glitchiest map. I do enjoy playing it, but I honestly don't want to play it anymore with how bad it's getting.

So all in all. I think Black Ops 3 started out strong and finished off between okay and good.

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My final thoughts?


It is a piece of sh*t and I don't like it.


It started off good with Shadows of Evil. It was a nice and original setting and the gameplay was fun as well. Except for doing the rituals in order to open pack a punch, but after doing that the map was very nice and relaxing. Exactly what a CoD zombies map should be.


Der Eisendrache came around and it was everything I could want from a zombies map. It was a great throwback and very fun to play. Except if you camped with the storm bow then you might as well just go to sleep.


Here comes the downfall though Zetsubou "I would rather eat razor blades than torturing myself with this glitch infested map" No Shima. Here was the point where Treyarch got under time pressure or just became insanely lazy. Game breaking bugs, invisible perk machines, and just an all around ugly map that was not fun in the slightest.


Gorod Krovi was a step in the right direction again, but at this point they lost me. Too focused on a story that has more holes than swiss cheese, tedious gameplay mechanics and forced Easter Eggs made me not wanting to play this game anymore.


Revelations Can't tell you how this map is, because I have only played it for like 3 hours tops.


Somewhere down the line this game mode has lost me. Were it the maps? The gums? Any other mechanics? Or am I just growing out of it? I have no clue, but I can tell you that I honestly regret spending any time on this game at least on solo. I could have played so many other games during the limited time I have, but it felt like an obligation to play this game. I just had to, because the mode gave me so many fond memories and opened up the door to this forum, but it shouldn't feel like something I had to do. It should be something I wanted to do.


The fridge is top notch stuff though.


There are also many other things that ruined the experience for me: No new perks, the weapons are boring, the youtube/twitch community, gobble gums and boring characters... the list goes on.


I honestly despise this installment and the next Treyarch Call of Duty most certainly won't be bought until the DLC season has ended.


Also: F*ck the Content exclusitivity and the hotfixes and patches.

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1 hour ago, Lenne said:

My final thoughts?


It is a piece of sh*t and I don't like it.  

Eh, I wouldn't go that far. But I certainly am left with a bitter taste in my mouth.

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I thought shadows was not fun, I liked the actors, the setting and the music. But I cant say I'm in love with the lovecraft elements added to the game, it was just so left field I have still yet to accept the fact we are to believe they have always been around. Margwas are crap, max ammo rounds in general on this map are crap, and the easter egg, crap.

 Giant saved me from hating myself for buying cod again. Although an underwelming return to der riese.

Derp eisendrach...dragons are cool and all don't get me wrong, but that may have been the first time I LOLd out loud in this game. Bows were nice though and I liked the EE in terms of story.

Zetsubo is an ugly map, I like the layout, but it's textures are muddy and as Lenne  said, glitch perks and doors only reflect the amount of care that went into the map. EE was garbage, they made a joke of Takeo.

Honestly I've played about 6 games of krovi, again dragons don't belong in zombies lore...what a joke! I won't bother doing this EE ever, the ending was alright, but again they are changing the old characters personalities to make them less likable. "Oh Nicolia only had one wife and made up murdering countless others to drown the truth of his dead wife? Cool story" I guess next we will find its not vodka, but water he's drinking.

Revelations I like as a map, it can be easy, or you can challenge yourself, it's laid out nicely and it has nostalgia. No more 3 hour easter egg just to use a wunder weapon, plus lots of newer weapons added. But so far I'm highly unimpressed with this conclusion, pretty much the equivalent of sweeping dust under a rug, looks finished but it was achieved by laziness and half hearted attempts.

I remember getting older maps, combing them for lore, and actually LEARNING something about history, what first got me into zombies was it's balance of horror and education. I know people don't play games to learn, and most of the historical events are asqued by fantasy as well but hell, it worked so well in the beginning. Now it's just a tragic jumble of "remember that one time" and this h.p lovecraft infusion had potential but ended up taking the story so far out that looking back, you cant even make connections to make sense of anything! Literally every map had me pumped, and within a few hours of actual play,  I'd kick myself for falling for it again.

Props to the few who still put in the work compiling the events, I literally don't know what drives you to keep going. Part of me don't believe the story is over even though they say it is, but a big part of me hopes I'm wrong because they've really screwed up my idea of the franchise. Maybe they will let James Cameron do the next map lol

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What keeps me going is the desire to just finish it and close this chapter of my life. I will always cherish the original levels and the story, but you won't catch me buying into these money schemes.


Oh and I get they were trying to shove that Nikolai wife stuff to us, but I don't buy it for a second. Nikolai has always been a wife murderer. Just because he truly loved his first one doesn't mean the other ones didn't happen. (Although for Origins Nikolai that seems to be true.) But WWII Nikolai? Wife murderer. I'm not going to ignore years of evidence supporting that just because an alternate universe Nikolai has quotes saying that that version of him didn't.

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I'm also pretending BO2/3 never happened.



As far as I'm concerned, they're all on Moon having a good time, totally tentacle free.

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Black Ops III gave me what I'd been wanting from the series - coherent presentation. We got all these cutscenes, so much more dialogue, etc etc. It's what I've always wanted. Sorry, but I'm a shitty gamer. I would never in a million years find ciphers and stuff. I don't have the time to do Easter eggs. So I loved this easier presentation of the story.


Something I'm still shaky about is the Lovecraftian stuff. No, I love the Keepers and Apothicons. But the Margwas and what not just make the game harder. Like I said, I'm a shitty gamer.


Anyway, I loved the story. It was actually pretty touching and heartbreaking at times. The reveal about Nikolai was a jaw dropping gut punch that I'm still reeling from. What a retcon. Takeo's faith in his emperor getting destroyed was sad. Dempsey realizing what he needed to do was solid. That said, it did get formulaic, since each Easter egg revolved around killing a main character and what not. I understand that was the point, but still. As good as each cutscene was, it got a bit old.


The music was good. I actually grew to love Malukah and Clark during Elena's absence, so I loved Dead Flowers... well, not so much Dead Ended, I'm no head banger.


I loved the series's full mythology getting told, and expanding the story into a cosmic battle to save the universe from eldritch entities who were finally revealed after that delightfully cryptic hint on Moon from Samantha. Dr. Monty was fun, even if he ended up stealing the show from the main characters at the end. Shadow Man was cool. The return of old characters like Groph, Sophia, Gersch, and Peter was a crazy surprise. Sophia becoming a major character was jarring, especially since it was only at the end of the story. Samantha's absence was puzzling, and the complete abandoning of the TranZit crew was shitty. Congrats boys, you got your original cast back.


If this really is the end, it was a good run. I guess if they want to continue with the characters, we could play as Primis during the first war with the Apothicons. A sort of prequel to all the crazy shit. And we'd get the staffs! And we could revisit other characters too, even if we already know the proper ending. Five, the COTD crew, and especially the TranZit crew provided they don't just flip them the finger again and kill them in the comics.


I love zombies, I loved the ending, I love the characters. What fun.

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For me there are stages of learning a map-


1. Initial playthrough- open all doors, explore everywhere, get a feel for it

2. Discovery- Figure out how to pap, get the shield, any other buildable, able to achieve round 20+

3. High rounds- muscle memory is down for what to do in the map, high round strategy is developed for round 30+

4. Easter Egg- attempting or completed the main EE


I tend to play maps I am at stage 3 in the most, so I still want to play more of all the maps. Here is where I am-


The giant- Stage 4 is done

Shadows- Stage 3 is done, don't want to try the EE

DE- Stage 4, haven't completed it yet

ZNS- Stage 3, The setup takes so long I usually don't do the skull and haven't gotten to round 30 yet. 

GK- The end of stage 2. Haven't gotten that dragon yet and haven't gotten a high round strategy. I don't think I have gotten much past 20. 

Revelations- Stage 3 complete, don't want to try the EE


So I do want to do some high round runs on ZNS and GK but I always end up playing Revelations, The Giant, or DE instead. I am still loving this game. I am also a PC player so I have a lot of fantastic mods to play. I enjoy ranking up (am half way to Prestige Master) and am a couple weapons away from all of them maxed. The challenges aren't too hard either so I want to complete all of those.  I didn't buy IW so I am expecting to be playing BO3 zombies until It is Treyarch's turn again in 2018. I am far from done and BO3 is my favorite zombies game for sure. 

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