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Box teddy bear sound and it taking everything

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I've been having  a problem latly where it will play the samthas laugh ie teddy bear laugh from box after getting revived and the game will take every thing from me points and weapons and sometimes breaks the specialist weapon and it even happened to a friend before me and I don't know why 

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Tech Admin

As much as I love Zombies and the Treyarch incarnation of Zombies, one thing always pops into my head.


They can't code shit.


Whoever does the coding for them are awful, piss poor at using the engine they use, and as @DeathBringerZen has said in the past. Try and recall bugs with SledgeHammers Advanced Warfare that are as bad as Treyarchs. It could be the engine, it really could be but I blame the devs. All versions of CoD by Treyarch have been buggy as hell.


Anyway as it was said earlier, it's called Samanthas curse and happens when the game thinks you are trying to cheat, why it thinks you are tyring to cheat though is beyond me.

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It happened to me in The Giant after going down and being revived multiple times in a row.

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I know why this is happening to all of you. There are mainly three reasons. 1 If the match you are playing is lagging then when you are revived the game will recognize that you have three guns without mule kick then it takes your guns and your left with a pistol 2 The specialist weapon can also make the game think you have three weapons so it does the same thing 3 The new gobblegums can fuck with you because they haven't coded them that well so the game doesn't really recognize you have the gobblegum I don't know the specifics but I know that they are fucked until treyarch takes the time to fix them.

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It's pretty much the anti-glitching solution that's been around awhile (though I'm not sure it took your points back then), people would try to glitch into walls, and stack on top of each other to reach higher areas, such as in Kino Der Toten, we used to be able to climb the podium machine gun trap on the stage, and the famous table/window board trick in Five.


It finally happened to my girlfriend in her first game with me ever the other night, didn't make for a good first impression for her.


An easy fix for this would to do what most games do against cheaters, at least for FPS. If you're in an area you aren't supposed to be in, you get 3-5 seconds to get back to the map or you die.

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