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Will the 1.0s wreck havoc?

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Something has been bothering me a lot lately.

In Der Eisendrache (I believe it was), Richtofen tells the crew that the 1.0 versions of themselves will one day wreck havoc "across the entire universe". The problem is, all the 1.0s we've soul-captured were NOT the same characters in which we played as during WaW/Black Ops. In fact, there was no way they would even meet because:

  • Richtofen 1.0 had the largest potential motivation to carry through his original plans, but even then it was stopped short by new Richtofen.
  • Dempsey 1.0 was captured by the remnants of Group 935 and in stasis for whatever Groph had planned.
  • Takeo 1.0 was betrayed by Division 9, of whom he thought he could trust since it was supposedly under control of the emperor. He became nothing more than a prisoner test subject, defiled by his own kind.
  • Nikolai 1.0 took a stand in Stalingrad against the dragons and undead, consuming vodka to wash away his inner demons. He would not have been captured at this point; only slain.

With Richtofen 1.0 being gone, there would have been zero incentive/pivotal role for the remaining 1.0 characters to unleash chaos in the universe. This being the case, why would Richtofen 2.0 even make such a comment? Was it because he was so disgusted with what happened in the "original" universe that he wanted to ensure that all members affiliated with the destruction would be completely cleansed in the "perfect universe" by Monty (who at the time, Richtofen thought Maxis would be the one with the plan)?

On a side note, even if that were the case, does that mean the cleansed souls turning into the children in The House would be the parent universe to everything else? Meaning no possible corruption of the souls to even lead to a universe being fractured once more?

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Yeah that never made any sense to me at all. Even in one of The Giant radios, Maxis says "The test subject can never be allowed to awaken, the havoc that could be wrecked upon the future by such simple-minded individuals would be catastrophic.  Heed my warning." Takeo also says in Der Eisendrache that "The test subjects must be recovered. The damaged caused by their past actions... must not be allowed to repeat themselves." The problem is though like you said, THATS IMPOSSIBLE.


There is absolutely no way for Dempsey wreak havoc on anything because he's frozen in a tube and Richtofen is dead. Takeo is a sick prisoner and Nikolai is just stuck by himself in a Stalingrad battle. I don't really know why they say these characters are gonna cause destruction. Maybe it's their destiny. Maybe even without Richtofen, if you let these people wander around, they'll eventually cause Earth's demise. 

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One of the foremost inconsistencies of BO3, and it eats away at me so much I hardly want to think about it. There better be a feckin good explanation out there somewhere. 

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I don't think they thought that far ahead. I think they ended with the idea that they were killed to gather the souls. Although that wasn't true for Richtofen, you could make the argument that killing Richtofen did accomplish the goal of stopping his evil plans. Saying that that was the same reason the others were killed, well, a lie.

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