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Your Dearest Sailor

Top 5 zombies maps

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So now that Black ops III is over I was curious what everyones top 5 zombies maps are :smiley:


My top 5 maps:


1. Mob of the dead

This map will probably remain the best map in zombies history, they have never managed to make a map better than this one. This map had the best feeling when you played it for the very first time. I loved the new weapons so much and wasn't disappointed with any of them. The characters were really awesome and the maps story will always be my favorite part of the zombies story because it was just so different and interesting. This map wasn't too difficult which was something I loved about it, it wasn't a pain to set up and didn't feel boring each time you replayed it. I also loved grief in cell block, this was one of the best things about BOII even though many people disagree.. I used to play grief all the time on this map and had such a good time.

2. Five

I love this map so much and this is probably my most played map from Black ops. I have so many good memories from when I played this map, I used to have my friends come to my house and we would play it all the time, I remember one of my friends didn't know how to play any video games and was just awful so I used to use the elevators and leave them alone to survive, they started screaming every time this happened. This map is just really fun and extremely underrated. I loved the map layout and the thief was really fun especially when you're freaking out with your friends about him trying to steal your guns. And the playable characters were funny to play as.

3. The giant

I love this map a lot and I prefer playing this updated version than the old one but that's just my opinion. This map is simple and I like it because you don't have to do much, so whenever you want to have a chill zombies game you can just play this map.

4. Shadows of evil

This map gets a lot of hate and I will never understand why. This map is amazing in so many ways, the setting is so beautiful and it's close to being as good as motd setting wise. This is the one map that I actually enjoy setting up (the rituals) I always have a lot of fun on this map. The characters are cool and their stories are interesting. I love the music in the map so much and it really makes the map even better. This map is probably the best from BOIII and I wish people would appreciate it more.

5. Der Eisendrache

Der Eisendrache is a such an amazing map and it actually shocked me when I played it because I was kind of expecting something a bit rubbish.. I didn't like Origins at all so I was scared to see what the first new map back with the original characters would be like and I was so happy with the result. Gorgeous setting and the map layout was really good. The bows are awesome and one of my favorite weapons from zombies. This map never gets boring in my opinion and I could replay this all the time.


I need to mention some maps that almost made the list:

  • Tranzit
  • Buried
  • Kino der toten

(Revelations will probably be on this list once I've played it more)

Edited by Your Dearest Sailor

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okay a pretty hard question... but I try to make a decent list.


1. Gorod Krovi 

This map turned out so great I can't believe it. It's the perfect mix of "new and old"... yeah that's how I would say. You can play the map like back in BO1 with ease. But there's a ton of stuff you can do which are OPTIONAL yet rewarding. This is the first time random box is useful in BO3 which I liked, also no quests required for the wonder weapon is nice. The map is challenging enough to keep you interested but the difficulty is not added with tediousness or unfairness. The time trials are a fun addition which pretty much forces you to play differently and focusing on the trials. Also the EE was enjoyable IMO :)


2. Mob Of The Dead

Now this is my favorite map from BO2. It was the map I was most hyped for and oh it's so creepy :3 (only Verrüct beats it in creepiness). There's a lot to do, but it just doesn't feel tedious like in many maps with quest stuff in BO3. You can also get the Golden Spork which is very effective and worth it but not a must have. Also there's the Hell's Retriever which is rather easy to get and it's also rewarding. This map also offers a good challenge with it's tight corridors, but also a few good training spots to not make it too hard.


3. Origins

This is the favorite map for many people and for a good reason. The staffs are amazing, they are not too hard to build and upgrading isn't too difficult and you really don't get them on round 4 (like bows in DE...). There's a lot of things to worry about before getting the staffs for an average player like me. I need to get jugg, shield and a decent weapon before the Panzer spawns in. The map is bit easy if you camp with the staffs and I don't like the mud that much, but the map is otherwise so great that those things doesn't ruin it.


4. Der Riese/The Giant

Okay same map, different weapons in different games. Personally I prefer the BO1 weaponry (with WAW wall weapons). This map just has everything a good zombie map really needs. Perks, box, ww, PaP, etc... It's simple, it's fun and challenging enough to make you wanna go back and play it again. Which is probably why it has returned so many times. It was my all time favorite a while ago.


5. Revelations?

Okay at the time this is on the list... but it still has advantage because of novelty. I really like how great the old maps look remade here, but I just don't know yet... It feels like it's not offering enough for a final map. But there is still lot's of things to discover in this map so it's hard to go more deep into this.


Now I'm a bit suprised that none of BO1 maps made the list although it is my favorite zombies game... maybe it just isn't that good... but nostalgia lifts it up for me a bit so... :D And for a honorable mention I'd like to say Verrüct. It's more of the atmosphere the map creates. It's also very challenging which I like.


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My favorite maps (least to greatest)

5. Der Eisendrache
I love this map. At the start of BO3 I only played the giant because I hated the shadows setup. And once this map came out I could not stop playing it. I must've gotten 4-5 of my prestiges on this map because I couldn't stop playing it. Everything about this map is great and well balanced. Only thing I really disliked was no new weapons except the bows, but other then that it was an amazing map.

4. Gorod
Ever since Gorod came out for Xbox I have not stopped playing since. 99% of the time when I play BO3 zombies now, I just hop on Gorod. The challenge for this map is just right and I loved all the new guns that were added. And the power & PAP were how they should be. Easy enough for the average player to do.

3. Kino Der Toten
The first zombies map I ever played & I've loved zombies ever since. The perfect map for a first time zombies player. I can still remember my high round on that map and freaking out about making it to round 70.

2. Origins
One of the few good maps in BO2 this map was one of the most liberating zombies maps ever. You can get the thunder fist, air strike, staffs, maxis drone, shield, upgrade the staffs, do the challenges. Or you don't have to do any of that and just play a regular game of zombies. And you can still do well doing that!!!!

1. Mob Of The Dead
The other best map of BO2 and of all time. Mob has the best setting, weapons, and difficulty. There's nothing in Mob that I can truly hate or call bullshit. The hells retriever is amazing and the tommy gun is one of my favorite zombies guns of all time. The map is one of the scariest and Brutus is the most intimidating boss of all time.

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I'm a PC player so I've yet to play Revelations, looks awesome from what I've seen though. Some classic training and camping spots that I'd feel at home in from the old days, and the Thundergun is in the box too. Anyhoo, my favourite 5:


1) Der Riese - First zombies map I ever played on [email protected] Had countless good games on it and so many memories. The Black Ops version was also great fun and if I'm playing the map nowadays I tend to play the BO3 version, but the [email protected] version will always be closest to my heart and always one of the most fun maps to play.


2) FIVE - Similar to above, so many memories. My friend and I never really played Kino very much when BO first came out, we just rinsed the hell out of FIVE. Split screeners gained the ability to play online with this game too so we had some manic 4 player games camping in the PaP room with 4 players.


3) Moon - This map is still, IMO, the perfect balance between simplicity and a range of challenges and features, all of which can be smartly dealt with. Great for camping and running alike, slow-easy play or fast and furious play.


4) Der Eisendrache - I was starting to lose hope for zombies, but this map really hooked me. I'm nowhere near the zombies enthusiast I used to be, but even then I still thoroughly enjoyed this map and, after swearing after BO1 that I'd never go for a round 100 again, I did on this map because I liked it so much.


5) Ascension - My first ever round 100 so is close to my heart. The first ever CoD DLC I ever bought as it came out just before I actually got the game myself rather than only playing it at my friend's house anymore.


As you can see, I'm a bit of an old-skooler. I didn't play BO2 very much and just never got into it, BO3 has been up and down. I've always been about the maps being simple with zombies, I'm not a big fan of doing loads of quests and stuff just to get set up.

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Haven't played Revelations yet, and while I like the way the map looks and plays, stuff like the lack of new weapons (As far as we know) and the wonder weapons being in the box really puts me off. Anyway, the list:


5. "Five" - Controversial choice, I know, but this map was chock full of charm. First, the obvious, the playable characters. This map and the campaign are what got a young, impressionable me into history. Nixon's paranoid, hippie-hating rhetoric had me looking up the Watergate Scandal. JFK being in the game had me researching him and what he did in office, and made him one of my favorite people from history. Now the map itself did not hold your hand by any means. It was not easy, but oh so much fun. The elevators and the random teleporters added for some strategy, and there's something so nostalgic about that scramble to shoot the floating red numbers chasing your teammate, and figure out who is getting chased. Also I'm pretty sure this map got me into Eminem and rap as a whole. Mostly a nostalgic pick, but I still love playing it to this day.


4. Ascension - Like DE, this map doesn't really do a whole lot new. But what I love about this map is the options. There's not only one training or camping spot for you to use and get bored of within a week. There's several with varying levels of difficulty. Not only this, but Ascension was the first map to introduce more than 4 perks. PHD Flopper and Stamin-up were both solid and memorable perks from this map. While the story of this map is fuzzy in the sense that we don't really know why our crew went there, the easter egg and the radios to go along with it did great work to flesh out the world, and show the effects of Group 935 even after their demise. While some people hated the space monkeys, I love them. They reward the player for planning ahead and setting up correctly. In a four player game, if you were smart enough, you could easily have all 7 (Including Mule Kick) perks by planning where each player should be based on where they set up during the game, and by not buying certain doors. Great map that got played to death, but is still loved in our hearts.


3. Der Eisendrache - This map's faults have nothing to do with its differences. Everything new added with this map is simply perfection. My only problem with this map is it doesn't take many risks or tread much in the way of new territory. While Dempsey is the focus of the map, he gets no new backstory and we don't even get to see the original Dempsey do anything. The Bows are undoubtedly a rehash of staves, though with a newer twist. The bosses are recycled. The weapons are the same, and there aren't any new weapons on the map besides the bows. But, Der Eisendrache is just plain, simple fun. The bow quests are not nearly as agonizing as the staff quests. The Panzers are not nearly as frustrating as their Origins counterparts. The map design is classic and works well. Bringing back Wunderfizz added replayability. The tram fuses were a unique idea. Lastly, this map is when our characters really started to come unto their own. They were so super-serious in Origins and to an extent The Giant. But the writing team had the great idea to have their minds start merging with their other selves, and now they are serious enough to tell and interesting story while also being entertaining and funny, and they only got better with ZNS and GK.


2. Origins - Black Ops II was a mixed bag for me. TranZit kind of put me off at the time, Die Rise died for me so quickly, Mob was fun for a while, but looking back I don't like it gameplay-wise much, and Buried was a lot of fun, but very very easy. Then Origins came and blew everyone's minds in every category. I hated this map when it came out because it was so complicated for my feeble little mind, and zombies had become so easy that this unforgiving map really threw me off. But the absolute depth of this map has not been matched. The staves are incredible, though grueling if you are not playing co-op. The story set a whole new tone and direction, and either you love it or hate it. Personally I love it, as JZ's story was becoming a bit directionless. Bringing back the classic characters, with a whole new twist, and taking them to World War I, which hadn't been explored in CoD yet, set this map apart. This map loved rewarding players for knowing all the little tricks and secrets of the map, and punished those that made mistakes or underestimated the map's ability to down you.


1. Moon - This map plays so perfectly co-op with friends. The easter egg is so rewarding and fun to do at the same time. This was my favorite point in the story at the time, and is what really got me into it. The Wave Gun is fantastic. Gersch Devices being back is fantastic. QEDs are so much fun. The excavators are a fun challenge. No Man's Land adds a whole new layer of fun to be had. The Hacker added a ton of depth and rewarded player map knowledge.

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At this point, I'm tempted to put Revelations at the number 1 spot (it is pretty much the embodiment of my dream for a perfect map). However, I refuse to put a map on my top maps list until I have played it for at least a month and a half - two months. So, I'll probably be updating this in a while.


#1: Origins. This is the map that sealed the deal for me. I had wholeheartedly loved zombies since my first time playing Kino der Toten, wholeheartedly loved the story since Moon, but Origins sealed the deal. It started my obsession. The map was fantastic. Perfect? Absolutely not. But it was definitely great.


#2: Verruckt. Beautiful in a truly awful way. I love this map. The atmosphere was about as close to perfection that you can get. I loved the challenge of this map, and the split spawns were amazing.


#3: Mob of the Dead. The map that started the Blundell era of zombies. The atmosphere was on point. The music as you enter each new area was beyond brilliant. The blundergat was a great wunder weapon, not too powerful, not too weak.


#4/5: Can't really decide between these two. Zetsubou no Shima. It was a revolutionary map. Atmospherically, it was phenomenal. The Unit 731 implications with Division 9 were unsettling in a way that only Verruckt manages to even come close to. Shangri-La. A beautiful map. For once, I'm actually using the word "beautiful" for its original meaning. The 31-79 JGb215 was fantastic. OP, but requiring skill to use.

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