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DashBoard for Liquid Divinium

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What's my friends I wanted to share this method that can get you as much Liquid Divinium as you want! ? Until of course it's fixed, but I digress.


So you want to start working on the daily challenge in Zombies that'd grants +1 Divinium.



Get 75 zombie kills using your knife.


1. Start a match and reach 74/75 of those melee kills.

2. Hit start and end the game.

Now after you confirm you have 74/75 kills with your knife your on your way!

3. Start a match and get your last knife kill. Your daily challenge should of rewarded you the Liquid Divinium in game.

4. Dashboard and quit Black Ops 3 (Rinse & Repeat)



Equip Dead Nuclear Winter, 2X Points, Kill Joy, I'm Feeling Lucky, and Ephermal Enhancement. 




Ephermal Enhancement...

If you recieve a challenge requiring 200/200 PaP Kills (SMG, MG, Shotgun, Assault Rifle, or Pistol) 


Besure you end the game once your at 199/200 "___" Kills.



It's just like when you dashboard to save your Gobble Gums. It won't save the progress of the challenge, but any Divinium rewarded in game will still be waiting for you. Hope you enjoy and by the way it only last until the challenge resets for the next day.


Thanks for reading!!


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Inserted Picture and cleaned up mistakes.

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