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Dr. Monty Scraps Completed

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Hey guys. Most of you will already know that we've been given multiple teaser videos across 3 different social media platforms, featuring Dr. Monty. In those videos, in true Treyarch fashion, a snippet of a larger picture is flashed on the screen in each video. We now have the full picture.


Now, the first thing I noticed when I saw this was his eyes. I've been seeing a bunch of, "Dr. Monty is Weasel videos" and completely disregarded them as nonsense. But now, with a full image of him, we see that his eyes are indeed a different colour. A result of Heterochromia Iridum,which incidentaly, Weasel also has. This does back up claims of the Doctor being the Weasel, as sheer coincidence would just be ridiculous.However his eyes do seem to be somewhat different to Weasel's.


My theory, is that much like our characters personalities bleeding into each other, Dr Monty's appearance mixes with those that he interacts with. Of course there is no proof Monty and the Weasel had contact, but Albert's quotes about Nikolai suggest there might be a connection. What with Dr Monty revealing himself in Nikolai's map.

Other than his eyes, there is his scarf, which we also saw in his original face reveal trailer. If you'll remember, in the Black Ops 3 terminal there was a code that mentioned, "Seek out the man with the red scarf and tell him, "The Giant has risen."

On top of all that, there is other parts of the photo that are odd. Like the yellow rings and the strange rock, which I believe to be 115, on his forehead. Do you guys have any ideas?

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50 minutes ago, PINNAZ said:

Good job putting this together @Doppelgänger


Going to have to pull you up on that one. Unfortunately, I only got halfway through piecing the scraps together. I couldn't find the last few. I actually found this one. Props go to the guys who found the final pieces, whoever they may be.

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Behind him. The yellow Origins disks, or just this:



Coukd someone get the texture for or a closeup of the Origins disks collected by the Maxis drone for the free Magma Collider?

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