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headless horseman

Separate mystery box with all wonder weapons

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Just posting on a idea I've heard floating around the ether.

Revelations will have a separate mystery box with all the wonder weapons up until now in it. What would this cost? Thinking around 5k

What wonder weapon would you most look forward to using again? Shrinkray would be so fun!

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If this was to come true, I would jizz.


I would like to see the Gersch Device back, I know it's not a WW but I loved it.

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I doubt it will be true, but if it was... words can't even express how exited I would be.


Here is how I would set up that box:


Cost: 5,000+5,000 for each 10 rounds passed

*Name (Upgrade Process)


Special Grenades:

*Monkey Bomb (N)

*Gersh Device (N)

*Quantum Entanglement Device (N)

*Matryoshka Dolls (N)

*Lil' Arnie (EE)

*Hell's Retriever (EE)



*Ray Gun (PaP)

*Ray Gun Mark II (PaP)

*Wunderwaffe DG-2 (PaP)

*Thundergun (PaP)

*Winter's Howl (PaP)

*Scavenger (PaP)

*V-R11 (PaP)

*31-79 JGb215 (PaP)

*Zap Gun Dual Wield / Wave Gun (PaP)

*Sliquifier (N)

*Blundergat (PaP)

*Acid gat (PaP)

*Paralyzer (PaP)

*Apothicon Servant (PaP)

*Wrath of the Ancients (N)

*Kusanagi no Tsurugi / KT-4 (PaP)

*GKZ-45 Mk3 (PaP)


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