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Dr. Monty Trailer Thoughts?

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Fuck.  I hate the "right thing for everyone" bullshit.  It always goes against what was once our goal.  


Also I... Did actually picture Monty looking exactly like that.  


And it appears were finally getting a map IN the aether. Sounds ominous...  Doesn't it? 

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The forest is a strange place as well.

Zombies wandering around without attacking our characters and it's the place where our characters remember their memories.

I feel like it's within the aether.

Not to mention it's where our characters met Dr Monty personally thanks to the recent trailer.

When zombies are killed, they return to the Aether.

The Aether is a place where it's connected to every realm as proven by this cipher in GK.



Keepers use the energy of the Aether to travel between dimensions.

According to Monty trailer, the aether is dark so it's the dark aether.

That could be the reason the Forest is always dark.

The Blood Vials are interesting, a new theory appeared that claims Monty is the Weasel from MOTD who escaped ... somehow he became omnipotent.

Monty is the one who created the mystery box and gobblegums and almost everything.

Incase you don't know VR-11 from Call of the Dead uses blood vials as ammo cartridges to turn zombies back into humans.

However the humans that return to life depends on the blood you use, that's why everytime you shoot a zombie in COTD with VR-11, he transforms into a CIA agent as the blood vials used belongs to CIA agents.

So what if our mission is to summon the MOTD crew (Sal, Finn, Billy) by using VR-11 and then let them kill the Weasel to erase everything Monty created ?

It could explain why Monty only speaks to Takeo, Dempsey, Nikolai and ignore Richtofen.

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There's been a load of hints to a closure of a loop throughout BO3 (Maxis, Sophia quotes etc.). The fact that MOTD EE is based around an infinite loop from which only Weasel can escape from. Whether the theory of Weasel being Monty is true or not, there's another blood vial shot when Monty says 'you changed the rules'. That, coupled with the Mob round music after he says 'The right thing for everyone' and the other hints to an infinite loop (e.g. Nikolai's bullet hole might lean towards the characters somehow closing this loop with the blood vials involved.

It's still hard to predict anything as the location of DLC4's map(s) are still unclear. I think that something like a Rezurrection 2.0 is more likely than DLC5 and I wouldn't be surprised if we saw remakes of Mob, Origins, etc. All possibly with alternate storylines to the original version.

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Now, that we have gotten our first look at Dr. Monty, I feel inclined to post this thought. For a while now I was trying to get some information together to make a constructive post on the identity of Dr. Monty. While I believe he is most likely some otherworldly, demonic, apothicon-like entity, I also had a theory that he may be the first human to enter the Aether and Agartha.


I dont know if anyone posted this before, but have we looked into the possibility that Dr. Monty is either Brock or Gary from Shangri-La?  Map wise, I know Maxis, Sam, and Gersch went into the Aether before Brock and Gary, but are we certain about this chronologically? Shangri-La seemed to involve some time-travel shenanigans in its easter egg and I always pictured Brock and Gary as Victorian-era explorers. I do recognize we communicate with them through walkie-talkies, but who is to say the walkie-talkies weren't displaced in time to begin with.


Furthermore, Brock and Gery being archeologists/explorers wouldn't rule out the possibility for one of them to have a doctorate or work in a scholarly field. Plus if Monty was Brock of Gary, it would explain Monty's familiarity with the Aether as he was the first to enter it, courtesy of us of course.  


Anyway, this is just a side theory that i have about Monty. I tend to believe he is an original and omnipotent character in zombies, but I thought Is should get this theory out.

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