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Did we release the Apothicons?

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Maybe when we opened up the aether in Origins, we opened up the dark aether too, accidentally releasing the apothicons into creation. Thats why Monty said Shit went tits up when we opened up the portal in France

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Welcome to the site!

In Origins, we opened a portal to Agartha, not the Aether. However, it was most likely a portal THROUGH the Aether to Agartha. The Apothicons were constantly trying to reenter creation, which we learned from the Kronorium. What I believe he meant by "shit really went tits up" is the bleeding of the universes and dimensions into one another. This bleeding made a bunch of universes that were very similar to begin with go through a chain reaction of sh!t that ends up with massive errors in what it was supposed to be (for example dragons in Stalingrad).

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It could be like we opened up a main valve. Instead of opening a direct gateway to the place, we just busted open a main portal to every world including the dark aether and agatha. But that's just a theory I have.

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