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What is the Worst Glitch?

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Aside from MotD freezing on me during the loading screen I never ran into any major glitches/bugs in CoD zombies... not until ZnS.


I played a coop game with my buddy on there and killed a Thrasher then I ran through the spores and my character coughed and did the animation but after the animation was done the spores didn't go away and I couldn't aim, buy anything, revive or even sprint. 


It was rather annoying since me and no Shima don't get along with each other anyway, but oh well.

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Every glitch that's somehow game breaking is always the worst.


Starting from BO1 Kino Der Toten trying to get a new highest rounding and the same thing happened to us twice! We were on round 27 and I was the last player in game others had failed. And I'm running in the theater corridor (middle of the map) And there's no zombies near, I have juggernog with zero hits on me and... I go down instantly. That was pretty annoying especially on the second time when it happened again on the same round.


I think in ZNS we encountered the invisible zombie glitch once. So we couldn't change the round.


I'm sure there have been some other ones too but I can't think of any...

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360 BO3 DE if i use the Death machine past round 42, the game ends in a black screen and i get the "failed to allocate from state pool" message.


SoE: puiled off of Tram into death barrier is now common. Jump off of Ruby Rabbit into death barrier that shouldn't be there is annoying. Zombies couldn't find you (patched?).


All time worst? BO1: the whole game was a stinky piece of programming failure.

Bowie knife stabs quite often do no damage.

Zombies spawn underfoot, lift you in the air and you can't shoot them, because you can't aim that low, so you get downed.

Constant reload fails.

Teleporting cosmonaut (this was the worst).

Speed moonwalking cosmonaut.

Hacker text stops working everytime your friend downs.

Too many to name, glitches in BO1 are as ubiquitous as atoms are in the universe.


BO1constant Bowie Knife glitches and teleporting cosmonaut really sucked.



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