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Hardest BO3 Easter Egg?

Hardest Easter Egg?  

16 members have voted

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I'm not fully qualified to answer this, having not even played Gorod Krovi yet, but what would you say is the hardest Easter Egg in BO3? I'd say currently it is SoE, the flags can be so annoying

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Ah this is a great question! I think I'll cover my thoughts about the difficulty of all of the easter eggs in BO3 :) I have yet to complete SOE and DE but I'll start going from the easiest to the hardest.


The Giant

Well this one is definitely the easiest and shortest one of the easter eggs. I think there's nothing more to say about this one.


Zetsubou No Shima

I'll rank this one the second easiest because it's basically upgrading the KT-40 and few steps after that. It's not easy, but I was suprised how easily we did it after all. I think the first time we attempted this it wasn't even an EE run at first but after getting the Masamune we thought to try go all the way since there was only few steps left. We didn't know one of the steps well enough so we failed that try but after looking it up the we did it. Also the boss fight is the easiest one of the boss fights I think.


Gorod Krovi

Well this is not an easy one, but it's not that hard either. I really like how much of the easter egg steps can be done during the rounds without having to leave one zombie left to run around the map completing tasks. It still provided a good challenge and we tried this quite many times. After we got a team of 4 it was a lot easier to do (the Gercsch step especially). The boss fight was fun and challenging but not too hard.


Der Eisendrache

This one seems a lot harder than GK EE. I have tried this a couple of times, making it to the boss fight too once. The boss fight is where you want to have a team of 3-4 (so someone has the Ragnarok DG-4 always charged). The steps seem to be harder than in GK and ZNS where I just looked up a guide once and was almost ready to do the Easter Eggs but in DE it's a bit different. It's gonna be easy once you learn to do all of the steps without any guides, but it's just harder to learn this one for me.


Shadows Of Evil

Now I don't know if I should put this on the spot for the hardest EE. But I will just because just trying it is hard when you don't have a regular team of 4 to play with :( Yes you can find people to play on LFG etc.. but it always takes sometime to get to know the other players to get that certain kind of flow in the game and everyone plays a bit differently. So I haven't even tried the EE itself for this reason. 


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Gorod is a pain, but I think Shadows is definitely the toughest. The flag step is tough and the shadowman fight can be a royal pain as well. Hell, even the last step can be difficult because the margwas tend to block your path after you call the train and want to change into beast mode.

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As someone on Xbox who has only seen Gorod Krovi's steps, it looks way harder than Shadows to me. Shadows to me was kind of a breeze. Hardest part was finding four players.

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I voted for gk but you cannot compare the maps this way


You need to think about solo and coop (just he steps you need to do i know soe is not possible solo but after the fight against the shadow man its not really a challenge)



-The Giant

-Der Eisendrache

-Soe and ZnS (long steps - not hard but annoying)

-GK (challenges)



The Giant

Soe, ZNS,GK (really easy if you play as a team)

-Der Eisendrache (Bossfight in coop is hard)



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SOE can be a pain, especially if things don't tend to go your way when it comes to the flag step but I find all of the other EE's pretty easy to do. Just down to skill and preference :)

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On 7/27/2016 at 4:55 PM, Nieno69 said:

You need to think about solo and coop

I wanted to, the poll doesn't allow that many options though :P

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Der Eisendrache has to be my vote for the hardest easter egg. The boss fight co-op seems to be a problem for a lot of people. I also don't like how much easier the easter egg is to do solo. The lack of Panzers during the last phase of the fight on solo mean you're much less likely to fail. Origins was fun solo because of how much more difficult it was than co-op.


Shadows of Evil is a pain because of needing 4 players, but it is not much of a challenge, most steps are pretty simple, even the flag step isn't that bad as long as everyone covers the flag aggressively from all sides, rather than sitting on top of it and drawing the enemies into it.


Zetsubou is probably the easiest, most steps can be done mid round and it is the easiest boss battle by far. It's the only involved easter egg on BO3 that you can blag your way through in pubs.


Haven't seen the Gorod Krovi easter egg so do not have an opinion.

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Me and a friend have been trying Easter Eggs of late, we just finished Der Eisendrache's one - that boss was super tough. Actually would be interested to know what people think: now we've done DE with two players, how hard are the others comparably?

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Shadows is super easy if you have people that you know can do it. 


Der Eisendrache is a pain just because of the random panzers that spawn in during the keeper step and the boss fight has to be the hardest so far. The steps are quite easy though and relatively short. 


ZNS is pretty easy. It just takes a while to set everything up to get to the boss fight and that's a pushover. 


GK - I've only done it once on a friends ps4 following a guide but it was pretty simple and straightforward. Took me about 4 hours that one time cause I was pausing the guide and checking each step 3 times before I did it. Plus I had about 7 other videos out on building the shield and whatnot.

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