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Time loop (theory), possible ending

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Time Loop (theory), possible ending 

Alright so this theory will serve as a possible ending for the last DLC map. the ending to the next map will show fault in our meddling with the numerous universes in which we have visited to secure the 1.0 souls and once it is released it will be too late as the universe resets and it shows us a plane and date: "April 30th, 1945; somewhere over previously controlled Nazi territory." the screen cuts to inside the plane to a soldier that notices a blue glow from a box that wasnt previously there but as he notices it the plane loses control and crashez into an abandoned airfield littered with dead nazis, the surviving member begins to slowly fade in and out as he sees approaching figures and notices one sprinting wildly..... From the remainder of the match you play in Nacht, where it all began.

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