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Everything we know about "Dr. Monty"

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Hello everyone! With the release of Gorod Krovi, a significant amount of the story has been realized and certain "revelations" (wink wink) have been made. One of the biggest is Dr. Monty, the creator of the perk machines and Gobblegums. He has been lurking in the background for a while now and while many of theorized that he could be the "M" on a letter in SoE or another name for Maxis, no one has really been able to put two and two together.


Until now.


With the release of GK, we got our first few glimpses at Dr. Monty, in both his style and attitude. With this post, I would like to dedicate it to putting down every single thing we can find on Dr. Monty. This can be anything from quotes, ciphers, radios, ANYTHING that mentions his name. For now, I am going to leave out theories, because, though they are cool and fun and unique, they are not solid evidence compared to the previously said items. 


So without further ado, let's analyze! 




Who is "Dr. Monty"?


Dr. Monty appears to be the creator of the perk machines and gobblegums. He has never been seen in person. He has only recently been heard on Gorod Krovi. It is unknown if he ever talked to the characters previously. We do not know his intentions, other than that he is helping the Origins 4 under the guise of Dr. Maxis. We do not know if he is a human, apothicon, or whatever, but a recent quote has pointed that he may be a "being", a power or force, omnipotent. He has a very nonchalant way of speaking, saying whatever comes to his mind, even if it means cussing. He can be direct but also beats around the bush when he speaks. 


We discover that his whereabouts is at some sort of House, or rather "THE" House. While he has plans to fix the universe, he has mostly had Richtofen do the dirty work, from getting the Kronorium, finding the exact souls needed to close the dimensions. 


His abilities seem vast: He is able to teleport the characters to different locations, possibly through time and space. He has created drinks that boost abilities and even chewing gum that enhances it further. However, part of his gobble gun creation lies in the fact that he uses Divinium, otherwise known as element 115, to create them. To be able to concentrate such an element into these forms must take an awful amount of knowledge. Furthermore, that he can explain and grasp the idea of multiple worlds and dimensions makes it more likely he has many agendas.




Der Reise - Scrap Paper Image - Dr. Monty's Schematic




This schematic is signed by Dr. Monty. Discovered in Der Reise, it depicts a sphere in the middle, with a circle and a KN 44 in side of it and 4 smaller circles around it. There has been debate on what all of this could mean, but none of it has been confirmed. The most interesting part is that whatever this is, it was signed off by Dr. Monty. 




Quotes concerning Dr. Monty



Credit to JusticeOfKarma on Reddit for compiling a current list. 


Wisp #1

"Hello...? Testing, testing, te- do you hear me? Testiiiing, testi-- actually, I don't know why I'm doing all this. I'm almost one hundred percent certain that you CAN hear me.


So let's not fanny about.


OK. Where best to start ... the universe is big. Really big. So try to imagine the biggest thing that you can. And then imagine that you're waaaay off. It's a million, billion, trillion, eeahhh .. zillion? Times bigger than that.


Actually, don't worry about the size - it's fucking huge. Let's just leave it at that.


More important than it's humongous proportions is the fact that the universe is a living, breathing thing ... ever changing, ever shifting. Existing across and beyond time .. and space, itself. With me so far?"


Wisp #2

"Alright! So you've got this universe; this big, change-y already volatile universe... and then you shatter it with a hammer. A metaphorical hammer - and it cracks and splinters into a million other universes. All coexisting, at exactly the same time.


(sigh) Do you have ANY idea how difficult that is to keep track of? I may be omnipotent, but I can't be everywhere."


Wisp #3

"Now, if it had been ENTIRELY up to me you numbskulls would be the last people I would entrust with this - but, due to factors outside of my control ..


(presumably deep sigh, a dragon breathes fire around here so I can’t tell exactly)


I know there's a lot going on, I know it's a lot to take IN - but the universe is deeply unstable. Things are going to get a lot worse before they get better.


Crazy as things are, I will try my absolute best to give you all some one-on-one time... some good old fashion TLC! Do this right, and everything will be okay.


Pinky promise!"




(at this point, characters need to go down to hear Dr. Monty)





"Alright Tank, I'm going to need you to trust me - ok? You've done really, really well so far but I honestly think it's going to be easier if I just talk you through some things.


Now let's be honest, you don't really know who you are do you? You've been bouncing along time and space for years, yelling all sorts of obscenities - by the way your language is fucking disgraceful sometimes, you should wash your mouth out with soap!


Anyway! We'll talk again soon and I'll explain everything. Just give me a little time to double check on my ... flow charts."



"Right! Uhhh, where were we Tank .. actually, more to the point - where ARE you? Are you up to speed, do you know exactly what you're doing - or is the 115 delusion so bad you're still calling in field reports? Even though no one is listening!


Sorry, aha - that's unfair.


I was listening - I heard every word you said. You're a good soldier. You always were!"



"So! Richtofen .. I'm kind of surprised you've gone along with him this far! Didn't you despise him at one point?


Anyway .. keep a close eye on him - I think he's up to something."




(unintelligible due to audio overlap)




"There are certain things that you can't ever change, Nikolai. All I ask, is that you do the right thing. The right thing .. for everyone."


(unintelligible due to audio overlap)




"I have to admit something to you, Edward. Something I've never ever ever had to admit to anyone before. (unintelligible) quite a bad thing …


I don't understand you, (unintelligible). I don't understand a single thing about what makes you tick!


You are the closest thing to an absolute distillation of obtuse obstructionism of unparalleled maniacal chaos in human form as it is possible to imagine."



"Look - I know you've had a lot to deal with. I know how hard you've been trying, but I really can't be sure EXACTLY why you're doing it!


I mean, it's not as if you owe Maxis anything ..


Is it?"



"I don't know - maybe some of the paranoia is starting to rub off on me!


But let me tell you this, my little german friend .. I've got my eye on you!"


Credit to Reddit user FieryPanther for these - 




Will update the list later, But for now, please feel free to add your own in the comments! Please leave credit for those who found it if using a source. 


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