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So if you have not seen @MrRoflWaffles interview with jason blundell go to his youtube and check it out. one question was asked, what happens to zombies after DLC 4? Is this the end. Jason answered "we plan  on putting brackets around the whole 8 years of zombies history." he doesnt answer the question EXACTLY. But brackets? Like a standalone game? I for one would not buy it I do not care if the maps are HD. Would it be cool? Yes. But i have all the maps. I sadly think this is the end of our favorite 4. However I am curious to see what happens after zombies. I demand treyarch come foreward and say, "after all the speculation this is what we intended it to be." and explain some things. It would be interesting to see. However I hope we get a new zombies storyline or something close to what we had. I asked myself the other day. "what happens when zombies ends? So many youtubers have to look for other games." it made me laugh though, and cry sadly. I love this game. I love the story, i love the nods to certain history points, I love the mythos, and I love the HP Lovecraft stuff. I would not mind a new set of players to play as. but it has to be as good as this beloved story.


leave your thoughts on what is to come!

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