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I Played Nightmares And....

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It's boring, like really ungodly boring. I had to rage at the TV in order to keep my mind going. No music, the only dialogue is the earths most boring narration, and the gameplay is an inferior version both the main BO3 Campaign AND Zombies. You might as well have written a book about BO3 Nightmares' story, because that's how it plays out, like a book. Screw this mode, one level was all I needed.

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I completed Nightmares and it was the most boring and bugged/glitched story mode I have ever played on a Call of Duty game ever.

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This is a recurring theme in Treyarch. The Zombies guys want to branch out and make Zombies into a campaign, a world, a quest, something bigger, better. But then the executives crush them with impossibly small resources and short deadlines.


I agree that Nightmares is somewhat amateur in its creation. But consider this. The campaign alone cost millions of dollars. Story writing, storyboarding, sketching, voiceover, modeling, texturing, effects, advanced character rigs, emoting faces, lights, guns, cinematics, gameplay, mechanics, UI. Millions! Hundreds of millions even!


Then... look at Nightmares. 98% re-used assets. Only new things are... editing, re-hashed gameplay, recoloring, and voice-over. Nightmares probably cost a couple thousand dollars to make, and it was probably only done in the final months of the game's production, when the campaign had already been finished and multiplayer was being tweaked and zombies was being rushed.


I think the people who made Nightmares really wanted to do something different, to make an engaging zombie story, a cinematic adventure. But, they could only use existing resources. It seems the executives didn't let them get anything besides narration for it. In fact, if you study the story carefully, parts are clever at how they were able to rework into a story. Clearly though, some parts are like "Oh yeah Taylor walks into this shot. We need a reason to explain why he is here. Oh I know, let's say..." Also, the story is the best near the end. Just saying.


This isn't even the first time this has happened. In Black Ops II, it happened as well. Many people hate TranZit for promising so much and delivering so little, but I'd bet the devs were just as disappointed as we were (but not allowed to say so). If you look at the trailers, they fully intended it seems to make a campaign for zombies, a questline, a world map. (Just look at the world map we got with like 5 locations, half of which are in one clustered spot!) Not to mention that TranZit is littered with unfinished locations that they had to make unplayable at the last minute because the deadline was approaching. Not to mention that they didn't have time to find workarounds for hardware limitations and draw distance. That means they had to add the crappy fog.


Zombies is the youngest sibling in a family owned by a rich executive named Activision. It will always only get hand-me-downs, and the money has already been spent on the eldest child. Zombies once looked promising, like it was going to grow into something big, but every time it tries, it is choked to death, swallowing on its own tears. In the present day, they don't even try. Zombies is now into the typically Call of Duty / Assassins Creed model of annual rinse-and-repeat. $20 for one level of the same gameplay and made up story and again for the next, literally pulling any straw to make sense of itself. Everyone accepts Zombies as something great when they don't even try to do something new, and accepted as amateur when Activision lets them give a one-handed attempt. It's no wonder that Nightmare comes off as so... uninspired.


But I do think the devs did try, even with their limitations. Jesse Snyder. Jimmy Zielinski. And there's this new Blundell guy.


Sorry for the sour opinion. I've just been thinking on it for a while now.

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I agree with Mystery. They did somewhat try and this mode could have easily been excluded. It was just a bonus.


Also I feel like the story gets way more interesting in the second half. I feel the same about the regular campaign too. The beginning is pretty boring.

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On 7/9/2016 at 5:04 PM, MysteryMachineX said:

and zombies was being rushed.


Wha? I have serious doubts about zombies being rushed... Not to mention I disagree with most of your final paragraph, but so be it.

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Zombies always had a relatively small budget simply because it's not the main selling point of the franchise.

Now with AW and BO3, you can see the budget for the mode has increased significantly as the mode kept getting more and more popular. 

I mean we started from simple re-used MP maps tweaked slightly with devs literally building the mode in their pastime and now we have full mo-capped cutscenes also seen in the campaign, soundtracks, celebrities etc.


Yes Nightmare was basically a reskinned campaign but what do you expect. The campaign takes the most amount of time, resources and money to make. This is just a bonus thing that Treyarch added probably last-minute.


The whole essence of game development is learning how to have all of these amazing ideas but choosing what you can and cannot do with the budget you're provided with.


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I barely touched the mode. The first mission looked promising, with a huge area of zombies. But it turned into an absolute cakewalk. I walked through the entirety of it, only stopping to turn and fire a few rounds into the zombies that had bothered to follow me. I feel like the mode was just a last minute decision and was put together with no effort at all. Really, it's like the Free Run mode. Looked promising, but absolutely nothing was done with it. 

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