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Nikolai 'Nightmares' quote/reference

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When playing Zetsubou no Shima as Nikolai, there is a quote he says when crawlers are present on the map. "Those crawling Hellpigs belong in a 'Nightmare's' Nightmare".


There may not be much significance to this, it could just be a reference, but thought it was interesting nonetheless. Given the discussion that the Weasel quote "Nikolai, Nikolai, Nikolai, Nikolai, why do I keep hearing that name?" got within the community, and rightly so, I thought this was worth bringing up as a topic of discussion. 


Do you think this is just a case of the character quote breaking the 4th wall by referencing a bonus game mode, or that it signifies our characters being aware of what the future holds and Nightmares being canon in some sense? In The Giant, there is a quote from Richtofen, "I have travelled, I have seen many things. Many futures, many histories." So if Nightmares is canon, it would be not be implausable that our characters would be aware of the events that were to play out. I also found it interesting that it is Nikolai who says the quote, given his links to the house and the frozen forest.

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