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Hidden evidence f3om bo1

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Alright so I ran into this going dark yestrday. Wanted to see if you feel me or not.. so I've been a huge fan since day one of [email protected]'s release date in 2008, heres a mind blower!!! I bet if you play zombies on Bo3 you have also wondered wtf the loading screen is after you have been killed, we're is it and why. I'm also not sure but if you were to go to black ops #1 the map "five" go right into were the Olympia is continue right till the end of the hall look right on the wall their is a pic and guess what it is????? A fucking forest with the blue lighting in it . Crazy wright??? That's just one thing I've recently found. But yeah just wanted to see if you agree. My name on ps3 and 4 is KUMOn_STOP_CAMPn 


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Alright.  I doubt I'm the one to find it though ;)

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Firstly, welcome to the community friendo!


To be quite honest, there's zero chance that Treyarch knew to come up with the forest idea since Black Ops 1. I believe that painting was just a little piece of decoration to make space on the walls. And on top of that, the forest has a greater allusion to the BO3 campaign - Zombies just adopted it as a medium for the internal struggle that our characters face.


But interesting link nonetheless!

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It would not surprise me any if the developers, along with Jason Blundell, revisited all the prior maps, picking out textures, quotes, and other happenings in those past maps to come up with the storyline for BO3.  However, I do think that this is a stretch.  I am not saying it couldn't be, but something so small and insignificant would be hard to confirm without the dev's outright saying, "Yup, that is where I got my inspiration".  @InfestLithium said it best with alluring to the struggle.  It is still an interesting notion though.  I would amputate my balls to get the chance to be a fly on the wall when they developed BO3.  

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14 hours ago, Spider3000 said:

This post reminds me. At comic-con last year Jason said there was still an Easter egg that hadn't been found. Has it been discovered yet?


Isn't that just the ADGFX Cypher in Mob of the Dead's loading screen? 

I doubt it's a painting of some birch trees. 

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2 hours ago, Koslans said:


Isn't that just the ADGFX Cypher in Mob of the Dead's loading screen? 

I doubt it's a painting of some birch trees. 


I'm not saying it is the painting but I don't think it is the cipher. He said it was an egg that hasn't been discovered at all yet.

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From what I have gathered over the years from various interviews done by dev's at Treyarch they have a few white boards for campaign and zombies in the offices full of ideas and possible storylines that they can and have used over time so I would not put it past them to have had a 'Frozen Forest' idea at one point or another on one of the board from years back that they were going to use, scrapped then reintroduced at a later date.


There has been many things features within various maps that could have lead into something else but never did. I think that's the beauty of the storyline that they have multiple options available to follow up on. Unfortunately sometimes they do then just abandon quickly and that's disappointing from a theorists point of view, so yeah... maybe it was something they intended on following up on. I mean, it's definitely a forest, though the white on the trees looks like they're just white bark trees like in the image below, and there is a distinct lack of snow on the ground.


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@Deathbringerzen When we play through 'Demon Within' in Nightmares, we are told that Sarah Hall is having a nightmare within her subconscious. This is represented by Bastogne as it was a place she had nightmares about. She admired the bravery of the soldiers and the battle that took place, but also feared failure and that she couldn't match their courage.


Deimos then uses this moment in her subconscious mind to open the gateway to another dimension, Malum. When he tries to take Sarah Hall into Malum, this is where we (the player) kill Sarah Hall, to stop her carrying out Deimos' plan. Deimos then sends us back to our world, passing from Sarah Hall's mind into our own.


When we play through 'Life' , Deimos urges the player to sacrifice themselves and open the gateway to Malum. When we reach Malum, and the Frozen forest, we are told that this realm manifests itself to humans as a reflection of their consciousness. So it would seem for the player and Sarah Hall, that is represented by Bastogne as it is significant to them.


So whilst in Nightmares the forest is frozen, it is only a manifestation of the person's consciousness, which reflects Bastogne at that time, and possibly the Ardennes forest.


The Ardennes forest is not always covered in snow, and although the pine, birch, beech and oak trees are covered in foliage/needles most the year round, there are times when they lose their foliage and look much more like the trees in the zombies main menu. There are also pine, birch, beech and oak trees which have white bark variaties and look more like the trees in the picture from the OP.


Sorry for the long winded explanation, but my point is that the frozen forest, zombies menu forest and the forest in the picture could still represent the same place. With Nikolai's house being in the memory in Bastogne, that forest could still be Ardennes, or any forest, but they may all still link up in some way in the story.


 I have seen a lot of discussions where people think the lack of snow in the zombies menu distinguishes it from the frozen forest, and I don't necessarily think it does. The frozen forest is just a manifestation of Ardennes. The only difference I see between the forest in the zombies menu and the frozen forest is the snow and the foliage, but that doesn't necessarily mean it is not the same place. 


I agree though, that if the picture from Black Ops 1 has any relevance, it will be through expanding on an idea that would most probably not have been fully fleshed out at the time.




Ardennes Forest



Zombies Loading Screen Forest


White Bark Birch Trees


White Bark Tree in second stained glass window, depicting scenes from 'Nightmares'




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