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Late but why not? Nieno69

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Good morning everyone - i know its late but better than never?


I'm a male 24 year old zombie player from germany 

I play on the ps4 system

Speak german and english


Feel free to add me if you want to



It all started for me with cod mw4 - mp - i liked it and bought the next coming cod game too- black ops 1 for mp to play with friends...


Then i found it - zombies....kino der toten 

I loved it - it was a new style of playing and i used to die in the first dog round like how the f%%k you even could survive this with a olympia? Reload took to long and i died...


After serveral tries i learned the game and the point system and i'm (not really proud of it) realised i need to open the doors to get further....


So after i get used with the game mechanics i get to play rounds and learned how to train - after that bought the dlc's and finally bo2 arrived - i love the mode and the story since then...


And now bo3 - and i found this forum...


I would play it more often if i had time to but i can only play serious rounds on the weekends or holidays... 


I think i have done almost everything except the soe 4 coop ee and one or two throphys from zns...


All weapon kits and ee of the other maps which can be done solo i did


I like to play coop but because randoms just leave games etc i now prefer playing solo or with people i met in random games which understand the game


I love to help other people get their things done like the main ee or upgrade steps they are dont able to do


I play with low lvl player too - as long as they not leave because they die its ok


With bo3 i started to try me with the ciphers and was suprised i really was able to crack some of them


For now i wait for a new map and hope for new content like new weapon kits  because i dont want to just grind to reach lvl 1000 - thats not the way i like to play 


Because the lvl often dont shows skill or experience of the player its more likely how they are able to glitch out the game


This is so far my experience i'm sure there are a lot of serious zombie players out there and i'm glad  meet some which enjoy the game like i do


I enjoy and follow the storyline - 

I hope there will be some more of it ?










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Hahaha, well country neightboor, I had exacly the same when a I played zombies in Kino for the first time. I didn't knew there were doors to open so I always bought an Olympia and so I always died when the hounds came. But its great to have you here, and I still recognize you as #1 code cracker on this site. And indeed, better late then never, I also never made my introductions. When I feel like I will once.

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