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Where is the last zombie?

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Did you extract any from the cocoons?  They slowly limp around and could have gotten overlooked.  Or, something I had an issue with is Zombies running into walls and door ways.  I have only seen it at the Green Water entrance to the bunker and the entrance to Green Water Lab (the 1000 door/ 750 solo).  They just sit there running into the rocks or vegitation and I have been unable to reproduce it.  It just seems like a random glitch.

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That may have been the case. I couldn't find the zombie, but I'll keep it in mind, especially that spot.


When Shadows released, it had the Margwa's running into objects as well, except they didn't count towards the rounds.

I've also seen clips of the Panzer being stuck, but I think it was fixed before I played it on xbox. 


P.S. I think the cocoon zombies are just as fast as the average zombie in that round.

Last time I knifed those bags, I really had to run. XD

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It actually has happened to me before. Everyone else had died and I was revived. I stood still for so long, definitely long enough that a zombie could have spawned. Eventually everyone else left and I was tired of waiting so I ended the game.  If I had to guess I'd say its just another glitch on this map. 

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