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The Rise of the Randoms

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Arguably, randoms are commonly listed in the top five annoyances to Black Ops zombie players. 

As a random, I can see why some players might think that way. Therefore, I shall apologize. 


However, I'd rather play without a microphone and without having to search on Youtube
for hours on end to know the ins and outs of every map there is out there. 

Sure, I like to know some secrets and some cool little Easter Eggs, but the full, story driven one is too much overall. 


Too much planning, maximizing and leaving zombies alive. 

Besides, may you fail halfway, you'd come to find out getting to round 9 actually took a good hour. 

At that point I'm putting it back on the shelf for a later date. I don't have the patience to go through all that again. 

Or at least not the same map on the same day.


To which degree are you into the 'new zombie formula' as opposed to the old ways of the straight forward survival game? 

And what's your cup of tea in zombies? Just shooting zombies? Speedruns, high rounds or may it be the Easter Eggs that catch your attention? 

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Most often I'm going for a high round run or just having fun. And how most maps in BO3 are so far... it's not as enjoyable as in the older games... My favorite map of BO3 is The Giant because it's simple to pick up and the set-up doesn't take too long...


Don't get me wrong I still like trying the easter eggs but as long as they are optional... Like upgrading a bow or getting the Masamune is an easter egg mission that takes a lot of time, but you know you have to do it if you're going for a high round as they are the most powerful weapons in the map.


We already had this kind of maps in BO2 (MOTD & Origins) but they were less tedious IMO. The plane parts in MOTD were easi to get in the start, mid, or end of the round without having to leave the last zombie. Origins was way harder, but still didn't feel like doing the same "chore" everytime you play the map (You also had Ray Gun Mark 2 in the box if you didn't feel like building the staffs)


BO3 forces you to complete side missions to get a good weapon. Zombies started out as an "arcade game" but it has developed quite much from the early maps, which is a good thing because it keeps things fresh and interesting, but at the same time it feels like how the game works has changed so much that it's almost a different game mode... And it is. For example: in the previous games the Mystery Box was one of my favorite features and really made the game more exciting. Am I going to get a Galil or SMR? It added a bit randomness to the game. Now the box doesn't have anything that's better than off-wall weapons and it would be stupid to risk your points to a random weapon while you want to complete all kinds of easter egg steps to get a wonder weapon and get your set-up ready.


It was also easier to just go play on a public lobby as you didn't have to know everything about the map to get further in the game... just the basics of which perks you should get first and which weapons are good etc...


Idk I'd be happy if DLC3 was a bit simpler map. Because DLC4 is going to have the most complicated and longest EE ever I think.

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Well, depends on what you consider the 'new zombie formula.' As a diehard fan of the WAW and BO1 lineup of maps first and foremost, I could spend a good 30 minutes on Der Riese back in the day going through every radio and Easter egg on the map, holding a single crawler. 20 rounds of Moon could mean 2 hours of gametime, depending on the game. Easter Eggs and story are my central focus. I have spent a solid 4 hours on a single game without ever once in my career exceeding round 40, and generally on maps preceding BO2

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Finally, an apology! You killed the last zombie, and did you know the ones in that window were mine? ;)


In all seriousness, I still enjoy public lobbies from time to time, and unless there are people talking who sound like reasonable human beings (unlikely), I play without a mic. i think the best way to play public is with no expectations. And I never understood the mentality of leaving games if people don't conform to the way you want to play. The only time I will leave is if someone is glitching, and that is also the only time I will troll.


I would argue that some casual public lobby players who have never been past round 30 but do everything mid round are more skilled than high round players. It's a different type of skill, but I know a lot of 'good' players who can only excel at the game if they run a certain spot, with a certain weapon. Public lobbies are good for mixing it up, learning to play in a less regimented way.


At the moment, I enjoy easter egg games and public lobbies or casual games with friends. I don't mind playing for rounds on Dead Ops, but bo3 has ruined high round gameplay for me :(

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I have always the mic on but barely talk to the people - i dont understand the people commenting every step they make....or start shouting if they get downed


I even didnt mind to play with people with low lvl - to be honest even the prestigemaster could just be little glitchers (meet two in a lobby in der eisendrache)


For the "leave a zombie alive" thing: this is a thing i dont understand midgame - the only reason i let a zombie alive is either because someone died and need jug or if they need to go to the bathroom (we all know a gamd can be very long ?) 



The maps on bo3 are too easy - you can all do midround - the shotguns are too op to get in trouble in the lower rounds 



But what i dont like - if you play with 4 players and they leave midgame 


I barely get any ranking on 4 co op because everytime someone left the game 


Soe could be a good map - i like the margwas and the features - but i dont want to play it over and over again because someone dont do the steps - why not fill the egg? Every time i take the train and do the rituals etc. - Solo if i need to - You kill zombies either way so just do it beside the statues and put that egg on it? You even dont need to kill the margwas in the second step alone ...you just need to call them in... you dont need to help in the flag step if i can get the as and a buddy with little arnies - you just need to do 3 little things - get the egg(s) - call the margwas - follow in the boss battle and shock a tram


I would play and maybe enjoy soe with randoms if i get the easter done



But to end this: i wish treyarch added a feature to get in  a lobby with people which have a mic connected - the game know if someone has a mic so it should be possible

- i dont want to talk to the people all the time but it would be just good to know that i can if i need to - i think a lot of people still try to get the ee in soe done - but they dont get 4 people which know/understand what to do...




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The microphone lobbies would be awesome. 

Since they develop Easter Eggs for four players, this should be a thing as soon as possible.

I'd pass on them, but it's a great idea nontheless. 

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I'm a fan of semi-busywork maps like DE, and no busywork maps like Der Riese. Bo3, WaW, BO2, Bo1 is my order of most fun to least fun zombie games.


I like to get stuff done early and then just train (i was fine with WaWs 'just zombies every round). I don't mind holding zombies now and then, but not for everything. 


In bo3, weirdly, 'no mic' lobbies tend to go the furthest. Usually folk who know what to do and don't need a mic.


Since bo1 released, the community went from 'decent players with mics' to 'trolls and squeakers with mics'. I leave the lobby if you sound 6-12 and start making noises because you have no self control.


I leave lobbies in the first few rounds if you show no team skill. Grenading/killing others' trains, sitting in glitches, spaming GG and the box, rather than opening the map. Don't be that troll. Be a team player until like round 10, by then the set up is done and nobody cares if you spam GG or the Box. You don't need "that gun" or "that GG" at start, find it later. Think of others besides yourself since you got into a game on purpose with others.


BO3 Solo is quite easy (at it's current state), so random lobbies add challenge, getting 30+ revives in per game, doing almost every Ritual, opening most doors, building several bows for others. You feel good and some randoms appreciate the help and try to be good teammates, rather than trolls. That's awesome. "Play with no expectations" as the OP said.


On maps: I wish that they would make more WaW-simple survival maps, along with a few giant easter egg maps. Lots of players would love maps where they don't have to be team players, even for 10 rounds. 


Storyline and easter eggs mean nothing to me. I do moderately high rounds (usually end mid 50s when it gets repetitive), but generally play for fun only. (Besides long games, I also break SoE into small survival maps like WaW maps and play with no PaP, or no Alternate Ammo, or no Wonder Weapons. DE with no Bows is great fun too. If you like WaW simple survival maps, check out my thread "Moar zombie maps inside!" under SoE for that old school feel).


In WaW, each map in succession gave something cool to the player. In BO3, i feel like we are kind of there again, which is great. 


Then BO1 came along and it was all about annoying the player and having to fight the never ending glitches. We no longer fought zombies with help from Treyarch like WaW, instead, in BO1, Treyarch was out to troll, annoy, and kill us in all ways. BO1 has like zero replay value (I've been playing some BO1 lately and it's hard to find any joy). Though BO1 had interesting map design, there were too many doors, lame BO1 guns with little ammo, the Moon map (vomits), and extreme bugginess.


BO2 greatly reduced the hard, and was a little less glitch-packed, but the 'annoying for no reason' factor was still high: Denizens, random teleporters with no way to revive teammates, fire cracks-exploding fire zombies, elevators at dead ends that couldn't even be called like a normal elevator-you needed a special key, ridiculous amounts of busywork. But it was more fun by far than BO1. Sadly, the survival maps completely missed the mark (yes, we all had some fun on Town, and I played the other maps more than most players, but even SoE can be made into better WaW-like maps than what Farm, Bus Depot, and Sucktown gave us). I so wanted Sucktown to be awesome, I had high hopes for what turned out to be clearly one of the worst zombie maps to date.


Thanks for asking.

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