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Nightmares - Custom Grief

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A few people I play with have been trying to find more fun ways to play the game with the limited game modes we have on offer in BO3. Quite a few do custom grief. On SOE, they only open the initial door and use this area to play 2 v 2 or all v all grief with no perks, but it is very limited as to what you can do.


There are some areas and mechanics in Nightmares that could make for some fun custom grief games. Specifically the maps Demon Within and Life. There are some large areas in these maps with no human enemies, just zombies and dogs. If the host sets the game to realistic, it is 1 hit downs which I think is ideal for grief (think Cell Block and then some) but this is counter balanced by the boost ability which gives you more freedom in your movement.


You have 3 flash bangs and grenades in Nightmares which can be used to Grief and can be replenished via various ammo crates around the map. In Nightmares, if any player bleeds out then you fail the mission and are sent back to the last checkpoint. So if you were to play 2 v 2, you could use a points system with one team receiving a point each time you are reset to the checkpoint. This is a useful mechanic as essentially every time a point is rewarded, you are reset back to the start point of that game automatically and are ready to battle for the next point. So a point is awarded for 


a) Downing one player on the opposing team and their team mate not reviving them in time

b) Downing both players on the opposing team 


If a player for both teams is down and you are sent back to the checkpoint before they can be revived, no points are scored. If you are last man standing and you are sent back to the checkpoint, your team is awarded 1 point.


Score limits can then be decided to suit each game, best of 5, first to 7, whatever suits the length of game you want to play. Have yet to try this, just looking for more fun ways to create short games that can be competitive and fun.



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