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Popular maps and the differences.

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When BO3 released, people complained about about Shadows of Evil being the new Tranzit. 

Many players rather played The Giant and many of them still do. Just like Town back in the day. 

Then Der Eisendrache was released and most people seemed to love that map. 

Zetsubou no Shima hit the shelves, people played it non-stop for 48 hours and now the population had dropped below expectations. 


This makes me wonder what the real differences are between the maps. 

Let's put The Giant aside, being a remade remake that's relatively easy to play with randoms and non-gaming friends. 


People complained about Shadows of Evil being too complicated. 

But Der Eisendrache holds just as much, or even more secrets and things. 

People complained about Zetsubou no Shima being a tedious map to set-up on. 

But Shadows of Evil and Der Eisendrache almost take as long as the other to prepare. 

Besides, if you're planning to do a high round that takes multiple days, why would you complain about playing seven minutes longer? 


So what is actually happening here, because I'm confused....?!!?

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For me, there are 2 aspects of gameplay that effect the popularity of a map. The tasks, challenges, easter eggs, being one aspect, and the survival aspect being the other. I have no issue with the set-ups in any of the BO3 maps, and think they are only marginally longer/more complicated than the set-ups in Origins or MOTD. The problem with these tasks is they are a novelty that are fun to do for the first few weeks, but then the longevity of the map comes down to survival. Once set-up, how fun is the map to play?


I dropped ZNS pretty quickly after completing the easter egg and doing a couple of high round attempts. The reason for this is not the tasks or the set-up, it is down to the mechanics of the survival aspect if the game. It is no longer fun or challenging, unless you make it so yourself. The game is very poorly balanced, so once the novelty wears off, the BO3 maps have little to no replayabillity to me and if I do replay, it is usually to do the easter egg again. I seem to find myself playing DOA, Nightmares or even MP over regular zombies at the moment.


I agree, the set-up time on a high round shouldn't matter, but I think the issue is a 60-90 minute set-up, and the reward is sitting in a corner spamming shoot periodically. If there was more competitive survival gameplay after the set-up, I think more people would find the set-up less of a grind/waste of time. Personally, my least favourite map to set-up on is Shadows of Evil, I find everything seems to flow better on DE and ZNS. But ZNS has the worst survival gameplay so far, at least in DE the panzers forced a bit of movement and strategy, with the Masamune the thrashers are all but irrelevant.


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Easiness is a big factor. The overwhelming majority (like 97%) of zombie players are round 4-15 players, not zombie beasts like us CODZ folk.

So, Giant has no set up and no 2+ hour game expectations, no WW upgrades to accomplish. Just play it. That's fun to the majority. 


DE has a rough start if too many players are self centered scrubs (killing zombies before near dragon, worshipping the box, or getting GG before doors to power are open). But once the decent players get power/shield, there is lots of running room for easy scrub play (scrubs run everywhere, not trains, or circles. They hit the box and just stare at it while zombies beat them down), which also means lots of easy revives for the better player (250 xp per revive and the stats look nice), making it worth it to carry the scrubs along. That, and a Bow WW for each player make it fun. 


Shadows of Evil is less scrub friendly, but revives are fairly easy. Trolling is more frequent, and parts disapearing or wall runs not working due to migrations can be a drag for better players. I think this sees a good amount of action because it is the default map. It is a long game map for good players.


So, in summation, not having the swamp map yet, DE and Giant are fairly easy for the majority of players, and SoE is just common. 


You mentioned Town, it is the easy-in easy-out map of bo2, like Giant is in bo3.


Majority (scrub) players don't want to invest 20 minutes in a set-up routine, just to have to start over. Giant, Town, and their ilk are more attractive to the masses. 


For the record, i love SoE, DE (all the older 'do stuff' maps for 4 player games and long solo games), but i really, really wish more scrub maps would be released like Giant. Small maps with a few doors, 4 perks, a team camp spot and a solo area or loop the map mechanic, and it's a hit. Throw in a couple of rehashed ?box Wonder Weapons (Waffle, AS, Ray Gun), no busy work, just quick in, quick action. 


No annoying maps like Farm and Bus Depot (with it's lack of perks), those are tough again, not for the average player looking for a fun game. Even Town had those annoying fire cracks. 

Maybe if they remake Nuketown, and ditch the random perk drop crap people would play it. Or put perks and GG in Bus Depot.


Shrug. Happy gaming. 

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I actually like the random perks in Nuketown, it breaks you from doing the same routine over and over.

The way Shadows of Evil did it was pretty cool, same price and effort different location.
Therefore you can get Juggernog first like you want to and end up with different wall weapons from game to game. 

But yeah, I can see what you're saying. 


There might be some need for some small / easy going maps like The Giant, Kino, or Ascension. 

I do know someone who only likes to play maps like that. Including a wonder weapon from the box, hahaha. 


- - - - 


On the other hand, the people who know how to set up and such don't seem to play Zetsubou No Shima.

They still run the Coffee lounge or Footlight strat in Shadows, or camp with the bow in one of those place everyone knows about. 

If you love doing that for hours, then why wouldn't you play the new map at all? Isn't firing Masamune shots the same as firing shots with a bow? 

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I'd love Nuketown if the perks just had random locations to find, like SNN and SoE.


As it is, it's down there with Moon and Bus Depot on my replayability scale. (I was just playing Moon recently, apparently I still loathe it).

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On 6/18/2016 at 5:40 AM, Koslans said:

I still want to learn moon someday. 

Had a few good games on it, but mostly terrible ones. 

It was best with teams.

Moon, besides the normal ubiquitous hate for it, had the same issues as all of BO1 zombies: Bad guns, too little ammo, too many doors, too many (of the same, unfixed) programming bugs.


All BO1 zombies play like this; Die constantly between rounds 4-7, or make it past 7 and quit between 30-40, because now it's easy. Hard start, followed by easy play, punctuated with constant programming glitches. This kills all replay value. 


WaW, BO2, and BO3 are all better to play. BO1 had cool map design, and nostalgia (after a whole year of waiting, there was finally more zombies!). But if you take off the Rose-colored spectacles of nostalgia, BO1 zombies are clearly the worst batch yet.


I would love to see some of those awesome map designs redeemed, like the opposite of when they made crappy versions of WaW zombies on BO1: Ascension, COTD, even Shangri-La with GG, Double PaP, and a Ragnarok/Sword-type buildable on BO3 would be cool. 


It would have to be several maps in one DLC though, and not Moon, of course. 

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I started playing when Mob of The Dead came out, so the nostalgia on BO1 isn't all that big for me. 

I want to do round 50 on Moon someday, as it will be the last one to do for me of both BO1 and BO2

Then it's on to BO3. I'm not in a hurry for it, I can play the game for years to come. 


Compared to Kino or Ascension, Moon is an expensive map, just like Zetsubou no Shima is compared to Der Eisendrache. 

Having the hacker seemed to solve the ammo issue on Moon and most other maps have good traps to run.


I think nothing has changed with the learning curve in general either. 

You can still die when trying to knife a zombie behind a barrier on round 1. Ever since WaW all the way to BO2, maybe even BO3.

(I think I managed to actually do so, lol) 

I don't play high rounds so quitting at some point is a thing which hasn't changed either. 


I agree, looking back on things, they could have done some things better. 

I'm not really up for another remake though. I mean, we've played it before haven't we?

In all honesty, I only played the Giant twice. With a friend who found Shadows of Evil a bit overwhelming. 

We died in round 5 with the dogs, and we died in 38 when a monkey bomb didn't really work all that well. 

Now where have I seen... oh wait, on the first remake of this map. 

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