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Thanks Treyarch! (360)

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I know Treyarch isn't working directly on 360, it's Beenix or something. But it's their game and fixes. 


I had to take a leave from this site because of my anger with derpy changes to the game.


Well,  a lot of annoying crap on 360 has been updated and it's only fair that i say something kind about that. 


Triple slap zombies vanished, along with a couple of other annoying things (like the invisible block blocking the path in Subway). And lots of little DE bugs were fixed. 


I must admit that bo3 zombies are actually my favorite zombies to play currently. I don't think anything will knock the nostalgic and still great fun WaW zombs from the top of my permanent favorites list, but bo3 is great fun to me and I'm happy to say that. 


P.S. does anyone know if they fixed the 360 prestige master? I've already done 11 full prestiges and don't want to do 12. Since the recent hotpatch that fixed stuff,  i randomly get "congratulations, you've reached master prestige" message after random online games, but I'm still not master prestige and i don't want to try again if it's not fixed. Can you blame me? 


Thanks for ditching the slap chop zombies. After the arbgwaoth debacle, i swore off buying Treyarch associated products, but i changed my mind,  which is extremely rare for me. So kudos for winning me back,  that is a rare happenstance (and i know that nobody would have missed me anyway).



Needs fix yet: panzer dropping Ragnarok part too high at death ray. MR6 constant reload issues (and stabbing problems? Or was that part fixed?). Please make bottles in Wunderfizz legible or give a text box saying what perk it is. For reasons unknown, sometimes the pap parts at rocket test site can't be teleported (i tp death ray parts, then rocket site parts every time). If host leaves, wallrunning is impossible (DE and SoE, unless this just got fixed). SoE, if a player dies by a trap, any player that moves through that trap  (even after it shuts off) dies for no reason. Meatballs are still triggering W'sW, which is bad. Trip Mines are still destroying shields, which is bad. Death barrier at top of Ruby Rabbit ends more legitimate games than it stops cheaters (i always jumped off of that ledge, now it ends my game if i do, but it's hard to break the habit of jumping. I'm not looking to cheat, if i was, the railing in Canal is so easy to get on, that i wouldn't be using the rail cheat that you are trying to block, heh).


Also, why is the box moving in a couple hits on solo games? It always moved at 8 hits (right?), now it's 4-11 hits, usually the low end. Example; yesterday i hit the box on round 20 something for the first time in a solo game, it moved on the fifth hit. The other day, round 4 SoE, it moved on the fourth hit. That cuts into late game max ammos, not cool. 


Thanks for teh zombies. 


Happy gaming all! 

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Is DE available on the 360? Wow, thats great. How could it be that I didn't knew that.

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31 minutes ago, anonymous said:

Is DE available on the 360? Wow, thats great. How could it be that I didn't knew that.

It was announced a couple of months ago, fingers crossed ZNS comes out for it.


I'm waiting for the Giant Map on the 360 and I can play that ;)

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Tech Admin

@83457 trust me you have been missed and welcome back

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22 minutes ago, Hells Warrrior said:

@83457 trust me you have been missed and welcome back

Thank you!


When my asshole level gets too high I have to leave. Instead of topics, i had only vitriol again. 


And the wheel turns...



DE 360 happened about May 5th(?). You only missed bad bow glitches and hyperslapping zombies until about a week ago.


Tip in random games: 4 doors must be opened quickly (750, 1000, 1250, 1500) to get Power and Powered Doors open and Shield built, know your skill level and do your part to get one of the doors. Team opens 2 doors end of round 1 (outside, not tunnel). Be feeding the dragon on round 2. Know all 4 bow upgrades as soon as possible, so you can do one for sure and not be a weak link (you may, of course, just be awesome enough that you won't be a liability, regardless. Which is always welcome). 



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