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Why is Nightmare a thing?

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So after beating the campaign on Realistic you get Nightmare mode. Why is nightmare mode a thing? It seems to have no actual point to the story-line, and there is the fact that in the Nightmare mode story-line, people have been experimenting with element 61-15 or something or other, but how does that connect to our current zombies story-line? It may very possibly be something to do with the out-come of maybe DLC 3 or 4 we can see how it takes people that long to find or rather re-discover both Nova 6 and Element 115. Why does it take about 120 years to discover something that was all discovered by Germans or secret Groups and Divisions? Why does Germany play such a dominant part in the story-line for the whole story? Is there a legitimate connection or is it just an unrealized path that was chosen

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It's just an extra bonus mode. I wouldn't include it within the current story, but if you had too, you could just say it's one of the many universes/worlds seen on that scrap of paper.

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That would make sense, however, wouldn't there still be history of people knowing about the elements and such? Wouldn't there be knowledge of Nikolai, Tank, Takeo, and Edward or at least Nova 6 through the Black Ops files?

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Depends on the outcome of the actuall storyline... maybe its related in some point maybe not at all...


Maybe some "apothicons" return/survive and need to rest for about 100/120 years ;)


Why do the germans play a dominant role??...because of reallife ww1 and ww2?


We need "bad" people...thats why germany and japan are the bad guys in the game because they actually were the "bad" guys..


Out of topic: see "the man in the high castle" - who would be the bad guy in a cod game? ...;)


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I'm pretty positive it is just a poorly dubbed throw-away story line. Although I have caught myself saying that several times over the years...I wouldn't completely dismiss it, but I also wouldn't rack your brain over it. 

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Supposedly, it gives an introduction into the multiverse aspect of Zombies; that in a given universe, there is a unique Controller that has the same mindset: to eradicate the world as make themselves the ultimate deity.


Outside of that, it just gives us a fresh perspective of a "realistic" viewpoint from when the outbreak begins and civilization is left to fend off the undead masses. If it wasn't such a rehashed Campaign mode and more of a unique experience to some degree (even if it were a shorter mode), it would actually be interesting.

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Still better than squid wizards and the battle of the old geezers.


I was hoping to see a connection. There was mention in the end of a all ruling diety, which would have been a perfect set up/hint towards monty but no...we just assume G.I. Jane and this other diety  (already forgot the names) just take over an already zombified earth.


I still enjoyed it, I would call it a failure though for sure, I could imagine making that mode, knowing it sucks, having to wait for the backlash lol

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