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Thoughts about Dead Ops Arcade 2

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So what do you think about it?


Personally I haven't played it much and haven't made even close to the end, but I kinda like it. I really need to focus on playing DOA2 rather than regular maps especially since I feel a bit bored of them honestly at the moment.


In my opinion DOA2 is way better than the original (and I liked it too! Though I like normal zombies more so haven't played that much either :/). It has all kinds of "bonus" rounds and different things. The first person mode is actually pretty fun and changes up the game quite a bit :) Also I like how fast paced it is instead of spending 10 minutes after every round doing chores... 

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It is a really fun game mode, and it is a shame that most regular zombies players seem to have little interest in it. Don't get me wrong, I still really enjoy the story/easter egg side of the regular maps, but in terms of arcade style gameplay (which is what drew me to zombies in the first place), Dead Ops Arcade wins hands down. Like you say, no holding zombies, just fast paced zombie killing. It is refreshing how easy it is to take a break in co-op games as well. As long as the Silverback doesn't show up, just don't leave an arena.


The upgrade system with the umbrella/skulls is really straight forward and some of them are a lot of fun to use. The fully upgraded blackcell and raygun (raywaffe) are so powerful, yet run out quickly enough that they don't seem too OP.


Co-op is where the game mode really shines. The balance between the fates/upgraded fates is almost spot on, and completely changes the strategy that the team will use. And with the size of the arenas and diversity in power ups, this feels much more like a tower defense game than the current regular zombie maps do.


I would say if you are enjoying it, definitely invest some time. I challenge anyone who isn't a fan of or hasn't played much DOA to put a few hours into this game mode, and find anything negative to say about it. 



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I haven't really invested the time I should have into DOA2 to be honest. I mean, I absolutely loved the first one what with me being 36 years old and having been gaming since the very early 80's so I was brought up on games like that, (Commando, Smash TV, Ikari Warriors, Alien Breed etc) and I love the twin stick genre but I just couldn't get into DOA2 the same way as I did in BO1. Maybe it was the fact that aside from the 1st person power up the game hadn't really changed much. The maps are a little bigger and there is new weapons and stuff but I kinda feel like they could have tried something different retro wise like a side scrolling beat-em-up in the mold of Final Fight/Streets of Rage.


There is a set of mod tools called OpenBOR (Beats of Rage) where it was made with the purpose of allowing people to make custom side scrolling beat-em-ups in the fashion of Streets of Rage. Someone decided to make a Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2 side scroller called Crisis Evil (& CE 2).







It would have been nice to see them try a different approach similar to this one or even something different maybe altogether but after playing the first one frequently back in the BO1 days  would have loved to have seen something a bit more innovative. The 1st person view mode wore off pretty thin for me. Maybe a full on 1st person view option would have made it more fun but either way there is nothing wrong with the game-mode, it's just not different enough from the first to keep me as entertained anymore unfortunately.

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@Koslans You on Xbox? I'm playing a lot of pubs at the moment with no mics anyway, so if you're up for some Dead Ops or wanna try an Easter egg without saving zombies,hit me up, GT is same as username.


@Deathbringerzen How much time have you put into it/how far have you got? Not saying you will definitely fall in love with the game mode, we are all different, but knowing that you play for rounds and are bored by the ease of the gameplay in BO3, I would be surprised if you invested some time and didn't get that bug/addiction with DOA. It's so much more balanced than regular zombies, the variation in strategy between the fate you are running, the variation in gameplay depending on which power up is active, you can go from feeling invincible to the game feeling impossible in the space of 60 seconds. However, I am slightly biased! I feel like I am campaigning for others to play DOA as it is overlooked by many players.

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9 minutes ago, DaveLo07 said:

@Koslans You on Xbox? I'm playing a lot of pubs at the moment with no mics anyway, so if you're up for some Dead Ops or wanna try an Easter egg without saving zombies,hit me up, GT is same as username.


I'm terrible at this game. In both game modes. 
I appreciate the offer, but I'll just get us killed in an early round ;)

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@DaveLo07 Well I invested countless hours in the original Dead Ops Arcade on BO1 over 2 profiles. Used to co-op it a lot with this Irish guy I was playing with back in the BO1 days. Eventually got bored with it though and that is probably why I can't get into DOA2. It's just not different enough from the original. They have added some really cool features in though but the core game is still just the same and although it was extremely addictive the first few days I played it the novelty wore off quick and I just couldn't find the passion that I had for the original.


That being said, if you have never or sparingly played the original then this is awesome fun and I would highly recommend it to all. I might give it another go at some stage though. It's looking even more likely now that we will only be getting the 6 maps with BO3 and if Infinity Wards take on zombies flops then I will probably try giving DOA2 a decent go again. Then again, I will probably be immersed in custom zombies to be honest.

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@Koslans Then it will be the same as every other game in public! I play for fun, if we go down it doesn't matter. The offer still stands, I play with plenty of no mic randoms atm, you may as well be one of them.


@Deathbringerzen It's a good point. I put very little time into DOA 1, so everything was still quite new to me when I started playing DOA 2. The early rounds and arenas are very similar to the original. It's also interesting how young the fan base is given, as you say, it is a retro game mode. Most people I have encountered are between 14 and 21, I haven't played it with anyone even close to my age!





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@DaveLo07 In that case, we might bump into each other some time ;)

I don't know at what time I'll be playing though. 

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