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Easter Egg Step Base Concept Thread

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In general, we love puzzles, right? Especially if they have a logical progression. So whaddayasay we share our EE ideas, and let's say, limit it to 5 steps each (so, essentially, no full quests, only segments) in hopes that maybe we can inspire Tre...someone. Or at least just pose some ideas that do not meddle with the lore, instead involving interactive parts of the map for the purpose of changing the layout, accessing other areas, or building generic objects. 

Lets try to make the steps general by concentrating on what would make a logical puzzle and not introducing ideas that would contradict or establish new canon. I present my first suggestion: "The Equipment."



In this concept, a scrap of a blueprint can be found on the wall across the room from the power switch.
A fuse box can be found on a panel inside a small alcove adjacent to the power room.



1. Piece together the blueprint by going around the map, finding 7 pieces and holding x to make each disappear. The character will confirm with a generic comment (this helps dissuade figuring out parts simply by listening to quotes)
2. Once all are collected, return to the blueprint wall and hold x. the blueprint will appear on the wall, but will be too dark to read. A backlight is needed.
3. Once the blueprint is built, you need a fuse. To get the fuse, you need to kill the boss (generic Boss). This forces you to play a few more rounds and work together as a team to take out the boss (so the whole EE cannot be completed in one fell swoop). 2 or 4 bosses will spawn in at the beginning of one of the next few rounds (element of surprise). Kill them and one will drop a fuse (it will remain hovering until it is picked up)
4. Inserting the fuse ends the round and causes the blueprint backlight to turn on. The order in which the parts must be added is now visible. All 8 lock boxes located throughout the map are now unlocked. 
5. The players must find all 8 boxes, hold x to open and take the part inside in the correct order (randomized by game) and take them one by one to a build table (encourages participation and teamwork from all players). 

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I had a thought for a much cooler means of receiving the Zombie Shield. Let's use Origins as an example. 


Instead of collecting the parts, you head to the dig site and make your way down the scaffolding to the second level, where you first place the Gramophone. On one of the walls, there is an unopened tomb, marked by the symbol of the Crusaders. will
Hidden around the map is a lootable pickaxe, which need to be picked up and taken to the dig site. Use this on the wall to break the seal, making it fall to reveal slight cracks on the wall.

When the Panzersoldat first makes his appearance, you lead him into the dig site and stand in front of the broken wall. When he is ready to grapple hook the player, they move to the side, dodging the hook and making him hit the wall. The wall will now be more broken, a soft blue glow of 115 in the chamber shines through the cracks.

After the player receives the Thunder Fists, walk to the excavation site and punch the wall, finally breaking open the last bot of the wall, to reveal a chamber. Inside is a tomb of an unnamed knight and resting on the coffin is his shield.
The next time a Panzersoldat spawns, take him to the same place and repeat the grapple hook step. However this time, he will pull out the shield and tear it through the wall. The shield is now able to be picked up and used. Equipping it will allow you to bash zombies, however it will break. Just travel back to the dig site and pick another up.


It's complicated, but I like the idea of a small quest to receive such a powerful and game-changing item such as the Shield. Not only that, it would have suited the theme of the map so well.

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@NaBrZHunter I agree that EEs don't make sense the last time. Except Der Eisendrache, you need the Golden Rod, and fill the MPD with life sources, like you originally needed in Moon. However, I dislike that whole Keeper boss battle there.

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2 minutes ago, anonymous said:

@NaBrZHunter I agree that EEs don't make sense the last time. Except Der Eisendrache, you need the Golden Rod, and fill the MPD with life sources, like you originally needed in Moon. However, I dislike that whole Keeper boss battle there.


While I like the idea of a boss battle, I agree, I don't much like the way it was executed. Even worse is the Keeper Ghost step of the Easter Egg, though. It felt so derivative and unoriginal in addition to being exhausting, thanks to endless dogs.

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*Rubs hands together


1- Obtain the flamethrower. Around the map there will be pieces of clogging in water ways, burn them all to fix the waterworks on the map, which will now transport 115 water across the map to various locations. 

2- Around the map, there will now be a few objects now fueled/doused by the 115 which will begin to float periodically. Using this to your advantage, use the floating objects to jump to the otherwise of a previously in-accessible gorge. 

3- The other side of the gorge is the nesting ground for a beast. A dragon, mechanized and enslaved by 935 to be the ultimate war machine. You'll need to take it out. You can't combat it yet however. Instead it will chase you around the map, breathing fire at you. Take it over to the massive dam, and have it continue to breathe at you, eventually destroying the dam and triggering a cut-scene showing the great dragon being taken down. 

4- The body of the dragon will wash down the way, it's mechanization with it. Find it, and use an electric sheild to power it up. It should drop a book. 

5- The book is unstable. It will be bursting with fire from time to time like firebreak's heatwave, making all the zombies nearby get a burning effect. You will need to stabilize it by bringing it to the top of the belltower. You now enter the final bossfight: The burned out memories. Around the map, now doused in fire, there will be a shadow version of you. If it sees you, it's eyes will change from blue to red. If  they get to full red: Bam. Instant down. You will need to use the map to your advantage. If you're in solo, you will need to kill the enemy in all 4 ways, in 3 players just 3, two requires two each, 4 requires each one to die differently. You will need to use the vacuum test chamber, the gorge, the malfunctioning teleporter, and the MPD access device to kill the shadows.  Doing so will trigger the ending cutscene and end the easter egg. The reward being all 4 perks permanently. 

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