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Stop Mocking Me0

The ULTIMATE weasel theory!

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Warning: Not for children under the age of 21 or faint of heart, likewise, it's recommended you not read said post if you fill any of the fallowing traits: 


-Want to continue to live

-Don't realize this is a gag-thread. 

SO, to start off here's the weasel: 



He's well known for being the designer of the plane used in Mob of the Dead to escape Alcatraz. 


Now... MANY of you should know by now that there have been MULTIPLE sightings of this man's plane in black ops 3: 

The Giant: 


Shadows of Evil: 


And Zetsubou no Shima: 




SO.... CLEARLY there's the ole sneaky hand of the man behind the curtain here: 



Going to say it's suspitious enough that there isn't a picture of Blundell and the Illuminati eye combined already....



So that got me thinking: 

What other weasel do we know...

That's not only part of a major project and including several actors? 

Ill tell you:



That's right it's none other then CHEZEL T. WEASEL from the beloved "Food fight" 

You may remember it as it featured the beloved actors ranging from 

Charlie Sheen, Hillary Duff, Wayne Braidy, and Christopher Loyd. 

With it's 9 year production time (due to some corporate espionage) 

and it's 45,000,000$ estimated Budget. 

It truly proved that the right amount of effort can make ANYTHING possible!



But how does this connect to Mob of the Dead? 

Simple, they all have an all-star cast, and they have a character named weasel! 

Likewise, what's the main role of Chezel T. Weasel in this movie? 

That's right, handling ELECTRICITY!



But that's not all, the film and the (360 version of the) game ALSO share similar designs: 


The two TRULY display a powerful message... 

But that's not all, I can't isolate the footage, but in this informative video, you will see that THIS movie predicted: 

-Gobble gum (22:04)

-Dragons! (5:47)

-The apothicon overlords (17:00)

-The grapple ability (7:24)

-Maxis: (16:04)

-Richtofen: (23:45)

-Amazing Musical Adaptations: (19:11)

-Parasites: (16:10)

-Italians (14:05)

-A scientist controlling this world from a dimension we can not access (24:32)


CLEARLY all the answers we've been asking FOR YEARS is hidden in THIS amazing film. 

Your thoughts?




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This is where other ones were, I know I checked for it when I posted it here.


And yes. It is a joke. NOT a real theory of course. 

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9 hours ago, Stop Mocking Me0 said:

NOT a real theory of course. 

What do you mean this isn't a real theory? It's clearly the best one on the site.

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I fully believe in this theory. Foodfight is the key to all of this.

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