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Does anyone else like to work out the easter eggs themselves?

How do you go about completing the main easter eggs?  

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I know that @NaBrZHunter  kind of already did a post about this but I thought I'd do a little poll because I'm interested to see the results.

As the title suggests, I like to try and work out the easter eggs on my own without the use of the internet or other sources (like randomers spouting spoilers in public matches)

I've just seen a video of a guy complaining about how he thinks the easter eggs aren't fun and are boring because, in his words "you have to hold a crawler for 15-30 minutes while another player watches the walkthrough on youtube and then does the step." And he implies that the vast majority of players do the easter eggs this way, and the whole time I was thinking to myself, perhaps it would be more fun for you if instead of holding a crawler while someone else consults a video, you tried to work it out yourself.

As an example he talked about the paintings for the Wolf Bow and said that they were stupid and that he doesn't want to spend ages wandering around the map pressing X on everything until something happens. I personally think that the paintings actually weren't that hard to figure out, once I realised they changed positions between games I knew that they were significant and so investigated them further.

I personally enjoy the added challenge of trying to figure out what's next. It's taken me a while but I have been working my way through the Der Eisendrache egg, mainly solo, but sometimes with a friend of mine. I play a game or two every couple of days after work and have progressively been working it out since (xbox) release. It can be time consuming and frustrating at times, but I enjoy the satisfaction of making progress.

They're certainly not easy, and I'm not as quick as some of the pros who manage to work things out mere hours after the maps drop. It took me about 3 weeks to work out all 4 bow upgrade quests, then I stopped thinking about easter eggs for a week or two and just had a bit of fun with the bows and went for high rounds (round 49 solo is my record) and then picked up the trail again. I'm hoping to have the easter egg completed by the time ZNS releases for xbox.

So... My question is, do you try to do it yourself without consulting guides on here/videos on youtube? Or do you wait for the guides and then follow them step by step?


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I like to try and complete as much by myself as possible before looking for steps. It depends on the complexity, and how long you get stuck at a dead end for.

The issue with being on Xbox and a month behind is the amount of information available before you play the map. With Der Eisendrache, I managed to avoid most things but you hear bits and bobs through friends. I still didn't know any of the easter egg steps when I first played the map, but was quickly shown in co-op games how to upgrade the bows, and the gist of the easter egg by people that had watched easter egg guides on YouTube. I may have avoided information myself, but can't claim to be doing the easter egg blind as all the information being told to me still comes directly from a YouTube video. Unless you only play solo, it is very difficult nowadays to play the map blind.

Whilst I don't mind being told steps once the map is released, one of my biggest bugbears is agreeing with a group of friends to find as many steps on your own before you look for help, only for it to become evident they have already watched a tutorial and are trying to drip feed steps like they are finding them themselves during the first playthrough. I would imagine that a high percentage of players only do the easter eggs via tutorials, and I think a lot of players take a sneaky peak at how others are progressing, especially in the race to be the first to complete it.


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I agree.

I don't play public matches for the first week or so of a map releasing, I like to get my bearings  on a map, have a look around, find a good spot to camp so I know I can survive comfortably before I start digging.

you are right about hearing bits and bobs, I try to avoid spoilers but you will inevitably come across some whether it's from other people's mouths or from topic titles on here etc. I just try to minimise what I see/hear. For example, I read a title mentioning "the wisp" on DE, but that was it, so I knew there was a wisp but not what it was or where it would come into play. 

If you want someone else to play ZNS with when it drops I'll happily play with you, and there certainly won't be any false discoveries/drip feeding. 

It'd be cool to play with other people who are like minded and interested in giving the Easter egg a go. I'm a proud person and if I happen across spoilers, I wouldn't pretend like I worked them out myself.



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Back when I first started zombies, I really didnt know about EEs until I read up on the story. Then Call of the Dead happened, with the probably one of the most notable EEs, since it was the first to have an achievement. At that point, I started just waiting for guides, watching updates from channels; I didn't participate much. 

Fast forward to BO2, I started to hunt a little. Never found anything, but it was fun nonetheless. Even then, I still waited for guides to come out.

Now Advanced Warfare. That's when I started hunting EEs unintentionally. On carrier, I like to think that I was ahead of everyone else when I figured out the drunk maze part and the island part. I contacted a youtuber who stole the info and posted it himself. Not salty or anything, but that kind of turned me off from looking for EEs. It was my first time and I was so hyped and everyone was stuck at that part. Really wanted to make a mark saying "Hey I got a step!". But whatever. I will say that i figured out the electric part during the Descent EE as well as how to get the gold trophy, but I wasn't like first or anything.

BO3. Shadows, did not try at all. DE, I did almost complete the fire bow but got stuck on the part after hitting the clocktower again. someone posted the step and that was kinda a let down. ZnS I really didnt get a chance to try because it was solved so quickly. But I did get that on my first try with a team of randoms! 

I would like to go hunting for EEs more but I really just enjoy maps when they come out. I enjoy spending the first day to myself and soloing, but thats prime time for EE hunting. 

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I try to find some stuff myself. We even found the golden spork back in the days. 
We did quite a good job on Shadows of Evil, the two of us got to upgraded swords and found the book. 
My buddy discovered the 500 points laundry note and I happened to get the lions gumball. 

I still don't know how to play Origins though. 
I know how to pack a punch, but I have no idea how to get a staff, or upgrade it. 

That being said, we took a look at Youtube for Der Eisendrache. 
For Zetsubou no Shima, I have a general feel for what's going on, but I'd have to play it myself first. 

We almost never seem to do the main easter egg though. 
We did Mob of the Dead because we just could. And we did Der Eisendrache, because you can do it solo.

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I only used one tutorial for ZNS and that was to


find the cog using the Anywhere but Here gobblegum so I could teleport to that room (To be honest this is really crappy of Treyarch to have to rely on getting a gobblegum to complete the easter egg.

. Everything else I completed myself and one friend. 

Every other map I have either used a guide or had a friend that knew all the steps and I followed his lead. Hopefully by the time the next DLC comes out I can figure the whole thing out on my own with checking for a single guide.

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I'd like to try it myself, but being on Xbox stops that. I loved the experience of exploring Origins for the first time, and the WTF in our first game when we opened our first portal, and when we opened the tomb. Shame I can't experience that any more, because it's hardly worth waiting for the release to actually attempt it myself

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