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Richtofen Has A Reocurring Theme (Much Like Samantha's Lullaby)

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Hey all, so I recently uploaded the Ending Cutscene Music for Zetsubou No Shima. It's a pretty good piece. Well, someone by the name of JonJon4351 commented on it saying they thought a part of it, specifically the Summoning Key part, sounded similar to Richtofen's hidden song in Buried's End Game, as well as the hidden instrumental song in Origins. Respectively these are called "My Own Personal Playground" and "Aether". I knew what the songs were, but didn't really have them memorized to see if this was true. So I went and had a listen and he was right. There is motif that is shared between all 3 of these pieces.

Here are the separate full versions of each song (The Soundclouds are embedded while creating this but aren't appearing when it's actually created, so I've just posted the link as well if you can't see the embed):

My Own Personal Playground - Buried, Richtofen's hidden song in his End Game.


Aether - Origins, hidden song accessed by activating 1-1-5 on the Generators.


Ending Cutscene Music - Zetsubou No Shima, Der Eisendrache. When the Summoning Key is used on Takeo 1.0 and Dempsey 1.0


And here is a video I made about it. Skip to 1:52 if you want to hear the relevant sections of each song next to each other.




So overall, without an official name (which I'm sure Treyarch will change soon) I've been calling this Richtofen's Theme. And I really like it! I'm very curious though as to why it appears in the "Aether" track though in Origins, and why it's called that. The Aether doesn't really have much to do with that map, as it's more Agartha involved there. The only reason off the top of my head is just a reference to Buried. The End Game involves either Maxis or Richtofen taking full control of the Aether, and of course if Richtofen does that, you can access his hidden song which the track shares a motif with. Or of course that map is another Richtofen style centered map (aren't they all haha), so it just fit with map and theme.

Anyway thank you again to JonJon4351 for that comment. He said it wasn't very well known and I have to agree, I never really saw any discussion between "My Own Personal Playground" and "Aether" and there similarities. But yeah I thought I would share this post because with it's appearance in Zetsubou No Shima, I have a feeling it's going to pop up a fair bit more like Samantha's Lullaby.

EDIT: Zetsubou No Shima's one is also in Der Eisendrache as well, during Richtofen using the Summoning Key on Dempsey 1.0. Thanks to Sif-san for pointing this out.


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2 hours ago, Slade said:

@Rissole25 @Stop Mocking Me0

Just to clarify: the theme is called "Richtofen's Delight" in Buried. Maxis' End Game theme is called "Samantha's Desire". And the video is private mate.

Aside from that, nice find!

Have you ever been over to a friend's house to eat and their teleporters just neint too wunderbar? 

Their MTDs are disconnected, the 115's all wrong, and the....

I'm sorry i can't continue this aweful joke. 

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10 hours ago, Stop Mocking Me0 said:

Aether is actually a mix between two themes, the "My personal Playground" and "Samantha's awakening" from the maxis side of the EE. 

Could you point it out which parts of Aether are apart of Maxis' one? I'm listening to both and I'm having a hard time trying to pick some parts they share. They do kinda share the humming and choir but I don't think those are the same progression.



3 hours ago, Slade said:

Just to clarify: the theme is called "Richtofen's Delight" in Buried. Maxis' End Game theme is called "Samantha's Desire". And the video is private mate.

Well shit haha. I knew Buried never got an album release like Mob and Origins, but I downloaded one which came with these filenames and I just assumed that is what they were called. I'm guessing these are all wrong as well?


And sorry about the video! It was actually a scheduled release and I just assumed the video would act like an unlisted one, where if I provided the link you'd be able to view it. It should be viewable now anyhow.

Made an update to the main post, the same part from Zetsubou No Shima is in Der Eisendrache's cutscene as well in pretty much the same part. When Richtofen uses the Summoning Key on Dempsey 1.0. So that's 4 instances of Richtofen's Theme now, and if it follows suit, we'll hear it again for Nikolai 1.0

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@Rissole25 you beat me to the punch on this haha. I was going to do a very large post on the music across all the games, including these pieces. Gonna try to condense it a bit here. But as far as your post goes, what you've mentioned is the overture. This is a piece of instrumental music that originally opened an opera to set the tone, and has since been adapted by composers of film, television and game scores. As has since become custom, elements of the overture will appear throughout movements during the story and will also feature in the scores finale. Typically as an intro, bridge, coda or a crescendo. It's a composers way of telling the story. The best example in CodZ is Damned. While it isn't the first song to feature in the story, it was our first taste in Black Ops 1, first appearing on a viral website and the menu music for zombies. It absolutely set the tone for this leg of the story. The main piano then shows up in the COTD EE song, Not Ready to Die by Avenged Sevenfold and is then played throughout the main Moon EE song Abracadavre. While it was slightly remixed for the menu music in Black Ops 2, I believe that Damned was the overture for the story from Kino to Moon. Helping to tell this part of the O4's journey.

As for this piece, it is absolutely strikingly similar to Samantha's Lullaby, which makes sense given that we hear it, or small bits of it, all over the journey of the N4. It is also the loading music for Moon, possibly as a set up for the ending and where the story was to go next. Seeing as we first hear this new piece to close out Buried, I'm sure this was intentional to set up the narrative for Richtofen that would follow. What's interesting to me is that unlike Damned, the keys in this overture are appearing in each instrumental so far, seemingly to fit with each maps featured character or setting. I have a feeling it may also show up in the bridge section or outro to the final DLC EE song, similar to Abracadvre. I base this off of Blundell indicating that this is where the current narrative will end. 

**Also of note. At the end of the remix for Beauty of Annihilation, the main part of Samantha's Rest plays. While Lullaby and Rest are similar pieces of music, Rest is the one that plays over the Origins cutscene, which ties together with the young O4 being in The Giant. 

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@tEfugleskremmel Ah sorry! Still do your post though! I love music and I wish I was smarter in the technical and practical aspects of it haha :)

I did notice that about BoA (Giant Remix) but thought it was Lullaby. While listening to this, part of Maxis song from Buried is in Samantha's Rest. Of course parts of Lullaby are also in his song, so naturally the two go together.

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@Rissole25 I likely still will haha. I love music and have a pretty good understanding of how it's written. And I absolutely have theories in regards to all of the music in these games. I'm always finding something new in the songs the more I pay attention for things.

For me, one of the most interesting pieces of music is the round start music. While in the earlier maps it's very short and choral, when MOTD came along it became a whole lot more. Typically featuring a piano, or instruments that fit the theme of the map. Examples, in Shadows, it's done with jazz horns, in ZNS it has a Japanese motif and in Buried it has that spaghetti western score vibe. Even more interesting is the 3 notes synonymous with the start of a round are played right in the middle of Samantha's Rest. Given that these notes indicate the beginning of something, and Rest plays over the Origins cutscene, I'd say this was a cheeky way to say the story was only beginning. Funny thing was, at the time, so many people missed this. Assuming that cutscene was the finale. Treyarch is really good at giving us info in the music, whether it's lyrically or in the thematic instrumentals. 

I have a feeling I'll be making that thread haha. 

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