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Best way to farm liquid divinium?

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Giant! Buy a gumball every round, utilize the traps in high rounds and teleport often.  Buy, Buy, Buy.

I usually get a round 7-9 divinium and a round 15-18 divinium.  If heavy rounds are not your thing, rinse and repeat.

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1 hour ago, HansLanda420 said:

Havy rounds are no problem. But does it make sense, as rounds become longer? 

Maybe its quicker in soe to skip to round 15 and run n buy?

I have never recieved a gumball doing this.  Tried it when it was a hot topic and never worked for me.  I put that theory down due to inconsistancy.

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Like @JJMFP said. Buy. Buy. Buy.

Whenever you have points free, purchase absolutely anything. On Der Eisendrache I prefer to spam the Wunder Spheres as they are really cheap and don't take very long to recharge. However, playing The Giant is really the best way you can go with building a lot of points. I prefer to run a train into the late teens or early 20's with a cheap basic wall weapon such as the VMP or Kuda and the Ray Gun. You won't really need to Pack a Punch or purchase any perks other than Juggernog and Speed Cola. Double Tap makes your bullets more powerful which kills zombies faster, which results in less points. After every round, run around the map and purchase as much as you possibly can. Having Mule Kick also helps, as you can have a spare slot to spam the Mystery Box, swapping out your weapon each time you hit it.

As for the Shadows of Evil round skip, it won't work for you. All it is really good for is to get XP from opening doors. Maybe if you can continue on, playing after you have purchased every door, you will have an easier means of getting into the higher rounds. Either way, farming for Liquid Divinium takes an extremely high amount of time and patience. 

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Apart from the weaker starter pistol, is there any reason why The Giant would be quicker to get Diviniums?

How many Diviniums do you folks get on average?
I usually get around four on a normal game that lasts till round 25-30, which takes us about 40 minutes I think. 
So that's one Divinium every ten minutes. 

P.S. The bows and weapons like the Raygun do not get you many points. 
Pack-a-Punching costs 5000 points, so I assume the chance of getting one isn't all that bad. ?!

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With the map size, location of gobble gums, traps and teleporter, it runs nothing short of giving you the most optimal buying strategies.  Catwalk to trap to gum to teleporter(dont actually travel) and even ammo for the KN-44.  Thats a lot of buying my friend.

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I remember when you could farm Shadows of Evil to death by using the round skip to 15 then buying certain things to make the most of the liquid divinium.

Like most people here I would just say The Giant. I use teleporters, buy gobblegums and just keep buying stuff doesn't really matter what it is. I just wonder if you get a better chance of getting a liquid divinium if you spend more points on something like if you bought the mystery box for 950 compared to pack-a-punching a weapon for 5000. If you stay on the catwalk with a good pack a punch weapon you can make it to round 30 easily which is when I start just buying stuff and seeing how many liquid divinium you can get.

JUST DON'T BUY THEM. I don't think it is worth it to spend 10 dollars only for 15 diviniums and what not.

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1) Grab a point-munching machine like the Kuda or any cheap wall weapon with little power.

2) Hip fire into zombie crowds, ignoring headshots (assuming you're beyond Round 5).

3) Buy Gobblegums every round and run the traps contently.

4) ???

5) Profit.

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You can go up to a wall weapon, buy it, fire it, re-buy it, fire a shot again, but some more ammo... 
Sure you need to shoot zombies once in a while to get the points, but with the rk5 or the sheiva you can come a long way without even changing position. 

And they again, it's based on luck of some sorts, some games I earn two, sometimes I earn six in one game.

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