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3rd person mode?

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I have never personally experienced this in game, but apparently there is a way to get 3rd person mode to replace 1st person mode power ups for the rest of the game. And I believe there is something specific we have to do to achieve this.


Whilst it may be possible solo, I have only heard of people experiencing this in 3 or 4 player games. And it is triggered by the start of round 4. Whichever camera angle the first 1st person power up drop gives you at this point, will remain for the duration of the power up for the rest of the game.

The reason I believe this could be something interesting is that an image of the 3rd person mode was tweeted to David King (creator of Dead Ops) a few weeks ago suggesting it was a bug. He responded saying it was more of a 'feature', which would suggest to me it is there by design. It appears there is no button combination to trigger the change, but a few things in Dead Ops depend on the balance between players, so I'm wondering if score, treasure, multiplier or anything else at this stage of the game may be involved. Whatever it is, it is a rare occurrence, and not many people have experienced it.

I have a video in my xbox feed of a German player, xX Trashaman Xx, who has experienced it, but I cannot upload as their video is private. However, the video shows that the camera only changes for the duration of the power up, and is not the previous bug that existed where the camera would get stuck for the rest of the game.

Just wondered if anyone had experienced this, solo or co-op? Trying to figure out what the trigger is, so any additional information or experiences would be helpful to try and find any correlation. As of now, everyone I have spoken to who has triggered 3rd person mode has no idea what they did differently to achieve it.



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Finally made some progress with getting this to occur in game today, but still have no idea what the exact trigger is! Managed to talk a friend, HNDP BROKENBONE, into playing a couple of games and testing various things to see if we could trigger it. He was convinced that the video showing this was a game DVR glitch and that it was not possible, yet we managed to get this to work in the first 2 games that we played, with the 3rd person view triggering for him both times. 




It would appear that this view only occurs for one player in game and it does appear to be something that is triggered rather than a bug. Tested around 10 more games after the first 2 with all players getting 1st person view from the power up, and have played countless games of DOA2 prior to this without ever seeing the different camera angle. 




Just need to test things one variable at a time now to try and narrow down the options as to what the trigger is. Thanks to HNDP BROKENBONE for the videos and his time.

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Hi, I've experienced this a few times myself many months ago. I think it is just a bug that occurs, and getting to the bottom of it is not too important because there is no clear advantage to being in the third-person view. When the creator of the game said it was a "feature," I would be willing to bet that he didn't really pay attention to the picture, and just assumed it was a picture of a 1st person view. A feature wouldn't wouldn't be so convoluted to attain. So either a.) It's a bug that is unintentional, which is the most likely scenario, or b.) It's supposed to be a feature, but the way to activate it (for instance, pressing a button) doesn't function properly. 

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You're right about there being no advantage, in fact most people I play with want to know if there is a trigger as to not obtain it when playing for rounds. However, I have never experienced it so was interested in finding out how it works just to try a Silverback defeat with the different view.


Option b is very possible, there are plenty of examples of 'features' in regular zombies that were not implemented properly and have been fixed at a later date like the use of In Plain Sight to trigger the skeleton zombies in Der Eisendrache. 


The only thing that makes me think it is not random or a bug is the fact that I have played a reasonable amount of Dead Ops as have a few friends without ever seeing 3rd person mode. When I tested this with HNDP BROKENBONE using various methods suggested by people who had experienced it, he had 3rd person for 8 games out of 15. Problem is, when we look back over those games and compare we can find no correlation.

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Ha, that's all well and good, but if people don't know how to activate the feature, then it's pretty useless. And as mentioned before, there's no advantage to playing in 3rd person, and it's not all that cool after a while, so it's a tiresome endeavor to uncover. And he could maybe just be joking, or even covering his a**, as usually he's pretty clueless about his own game. 

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Just a small update on this, I have finally used the 3rd person mode and am still unsure as to what causes it to occur. However if it is not a bug, I am convinced it is unlockable rather than random. After testing a few hundred games and not being able to get it (just playing til round 4, then restarting if the drop gives me 1st person), I have now had it at a similiar ratio to HNDP BROKENBONE. Over my last 15 games I have had 3rd person 8 times, which makes it very unlikely that it is random.


This is also a lot of fun to use. I have heard a lot of people complain that the weapons are impossible to aim, but the controls just take a lot of getting used to. The right analogue stick pans the camera and aims the gun, so if you are trying to run and gun you need to adjust your aim every time you pan the camera. I think this camera mode is easier than 1st person for training/avoiding zombies. I haven't seen any decent gameplay footage yet, so here is some for anyone that is interested:



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It's a SUPER common programmer joke to say something is a feature when first hearing about a bug. I'm 99.9% he was joking in that tweet meaning this is an unintended bug and not a hidden EE.


That doesn't change much though. It seems that this bug is reproducible under some conditions and figuring out does sorta add a 'feature' to the game. The only real different between a bug being called a feature and an actual feature would be the question of whether or not to fix the bug. I think his lighthearted approach to seeing this means that he'd probably rather see it remain in the game than get patched out. If he were to patch it, we could hope that he'd add a more official means of getting it to occur rather than removing it completely.


Since it seems pretty legit and not really buggy, I wouldn't be surprised if he messed around with 3rd person during development and accidentally left some code in to trigger it under certain conditions.

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You make some good points. It is very possible that it is a bug of sorts, but there are a couple of things that still bother me.


Firstly, the inconsistency. Like I said above, haven't seen this before in hundreds of games testing it, despite other people getting it. Once I get it once, I get it in roughly 50% of my games. 


Secondly, the balance between players. I don't know much about the technical side of gaming, but there is what I would imagine to be some very complicated code to decide which player recieves the upgrade to their fate in the room of judgement. It is decided on % of damage to the stone guardian per player, and karma points rewarded for reviving/gifting lives. I wonder if similiar code could be used in the opening 4 rounds to decide which view the power up will give each player, based on balance between players (points, multiplier, kills, etc). It seems more common in pubs than private games, and the play style/ teamwork in pubs is massively different, so I wonder if that has a part to play (the 3rd person mode is only available in co-op as far as I am aware). 


Either way, I will probably never know but it has been fun to play around with and try to find a cinsistent way to achieve.

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I probably should have added that I didn't look watch the video closely and I've played DOA2 maybe twice. I basically have no idea what you're talking about. I was just speaking to the tweet in addition to everything else written here since I figured I could offer some insight as a software developer myself(I'm just gonna add that to my signature so I don't feel like I have to mention it every single time I post anything code/programmer related.... I'm not cocky, I just have knowledge in that area and it sometimes helps to know that)

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I have been playing the game for several months and had this happen for the first time last night. I had played several games solo and then started playing with one other person, 2 more joined, I grabbed the card for 1st person but it took me directly into 3rd person. from that point every time someone grabbed the first person card I was switching to 3rd person. It was a blast!

One thing to note. At the end of the game previous to the game where this started happening I received a message that the game settings had been changed and saved???


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