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Eight before Fate

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With the latest update, a new challenge round and enemy type has been added to Dead Ops Arcade 2. The level prior to the Room of Fate is now called 'Eight before Fate' and introduces the spiders from Zetsubou No Shima. During the bonus round, eggs are carried onto the map by enemies and placed on the floor. If the eggs are not destroyed swiftly, spiders will hatch. 

The spiders can launch themselves in the air and shoot webs and venom at the player. If the player is hit by the web or venom they cannot move  for a short duration of time. These guys are a massive drain on equipment so the safest option is to focus on the eggs (they can be destroyed before they are placed down if you kill the enemy that is carrying the egg).

After the bonus rounds, the eggs are then added to the various enemy types for the rest of the game. On most levels, 6 eggs will spawn in various locations on the map. Same principal as the challenge round. If the eggs are not destroyed, they will hatch.

Really pleased that we seem to be getting small additions to Dead Ops Arcade 2 with each dlc update. This new enemy adds a little bit to the challenge (in later rounds, spawns will impact how easy it is to destroy the eggs in time, and failure to do so can be costly), now we just need some Panzers and Thrashers in a challenge round!

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