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Zetsubou no Shima Easter Egg Song | "Dead Flowers"

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Well, it's the day of release for Zetsubou no Shima, and once again, on time, Kevin's delivered us a... very interesting piece of music, this time with Malukah once again taking the vocal helm.

I'll link the song here for your viewing/listening pleasures. Enjoy.


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14 minutes ago, Rissole25 said:

Oh shit I didn't realise this was Malukah. When it played in-game I just thought Elena was being very solemn.

Heh, yeah. I can imagine that...

I still think this is a good song for what it is. Kinda seems to fit the map in some ways.

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I didn't like the song... However, something about it concerns me: 

Who is the song about? 

There's a certain pattern  to these things that's been evident from Black ops 1: 

-Elena Siegmen is used as the main singer when the song is about Samantha. 

-AX-7 is used when the subject of the song is richtofen. 

-Nova is the tranzit crew

And lastly Maluka is the ghosts of past (Mob of the Dead and Buried) 


SO, if this pattern is continued here... Who is the song referring to?

Samantha? We're not entirely sure of her status, is the metaphore that she's watch the O4 grow over the years always ending up in the same rut, only to now be placed in ruin by the shear amount of times the world has been killed by the 4, and only now is there a flower the grows to stop this? 

Maxis? Fits into the same reasoning as Samantha here... 

Perhaps it's Gersh somehow? We know he's an aetheric impression of his former self... 


Gah... I suck at understanding the anatomy of lyrics...  Any thoughts? 

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13 minutes ago, Rissole25 said:

I wouldn't put to much thought into the singer patterns anymore. For me it was broken when Malukah did Buried, and than they all did Origins.

Why? That was a song about the life of a Ghost... It made sense because Malukah does ghosts.

As for Origins, I only count the MAIN singer as the aspect to concern, so archangel would be Elena. 

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I had to really get used to the song, but now I like it a lot. It sounds really eerie, and with the chorus melody the first word that popped into my head was 'horror'. Something in the melody really reminds of classical horror for some reason, and I don't know why. I especially like the way the lyrics are built up, like the broken up sentences. Does that make sense? as an example the first four lines:

Blood isn't running, isnt pumping 
in my heart, and now my need
for what was something is just something in the dark
that i can see 


...At least that's how I perceive them.  Long story short, I like it a lot.

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