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Stop Mocking Me0

Mysteries of BO3

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This is a collection of small tiny things that on the surface hold no purpose. This isn't a post about where maxis is, or if the universe we're in is the original one. This is an accumulation of just plain weird things... 


File 1: 

The Kn-44. 

As I'm sure you're aware, the Kn-44 has made two separate odd occurances...  The first being the centerpiece of "The Giant"'s scattered blueprint. I'm sure we've all seen that by now. 



The other time we've seen it is 

-When Dempsey's Capsule lands

-When the urn appears while upgrading the void bow. 


It's unclear what the properties of THIS weapon are... Or why it's special at all... But one thing's for sure: It means something.


File 2: 

Dr. Monty

Not much is known about this 935 scientist, other then that he created the perk machines around the maps, as well as the gumballs. 

It appears even Richthofen doesn't know of his existence... Or doesn't want others to know...



File 3: 

Electric Cherry

One of the things interesting in BO3, is that all perk bottles have a 935 logo stamped onto them. 
However, in this special case, that doesn't make sense. 

Electric Cherry wasn't created by 935, as seen by it being the only perk to not be flashing on Mob of the Dead.



If it's not meant to be from 935. Why does it have a 935 logo on it? 




File 4: Stamin-up


Believe it or not, this perk is all kinds of fishy. 

-For one this is the only perk on any map that DOESN'T give points when one goes prone in front of it. 

-Likewise, it's also the only perk in BO3's map "Shadows of Evil" to NOT receive a re-master of it's original tune. However this can possibly be linked to how it's considered a "Hidden perk" on the giant, as Deadshot Daiquiri also shares this feature. 




That's all the mysteries I have at the moment. Any other mysteries you guys can think of? 

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1. When you have the 'fireworks'attachment, does it show the KN-44? Or is it just the gun you're using? 

2. I assume he simply doesn't know, which is still very weird. I agree. Especially for someone who travels trough time. 

3. I think Electric cherry was made in that period of time and didn't travel trough space and time like the other perks. 

4. This one is a strange fellow. It's music jingle is 1 minute and 15 seconds long as well. 


Pretty much everything in zombies is weird though. 

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1. It isn't as relevant as you think. It has been shown in the ending cutscene if you go into theatre that there are KN44's flying all over, almost like it is a placeholder entity, which is what I take it as. As for the scraps thing, I believe that the image is signifying the summoning key, and that the summoning key is what allows us to buy weapons from chalk on a wall. The fact it is the KN is likely nothing special. Not to say stop looking, it could mean more

2. I really do not know with this one. Hell, we don't even know what plain of existence he's from xD

3. Maybe Dr Monty is a fraud, and when EC was dimensionally displaced he rebottled it and called it his own? XD

4. The fact it doesn't give 100 points legitimately pisses me off. I try it every time in DE, just because I expect it to, and nothing. As to why it never got a remade jingle, I truly do not know. Possibly it was an after thought to add it, since its location isn't anything special. I honestly don't know

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2 hours ago, Koslans said:

I found a bit of cash underneath Stamin Up in Leviathan XD

That made my day.

Ugh, now I have to play Leviathan again to get that xD

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2 hours ago, ultimategamings said:

Ugh, now I have to play Leviathan again to get that xD

Don't act like it's a pain to play it. :P

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59 minutes ago, Stop Mocking Me0 said:

Don't act like it's a pain to play it. :P

It is though, it is like if Moon was made for World at War.

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42 minutes ago, Nightmare Voyager said:

It is though, it is like if Moon was made for World at War.

Took the words right out of my mouth xD

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