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Wager matches: LD?

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Ok, so ignore the amount of effort it would take to do this, as well as the statements from treyarch saying that there would be no gamemode maps in development back at launch. 

Picture this: Gamemodes that would put your LD on the line. 


Well, here's how it works, you need to pay LDs to get into these matches, once the match begins if you lag out or quit, you lose your wager. Sucks to suck but that's how it is.


Either way let's start with turned.


Turned is easy with 5 different places to play:

-The Giant (full map) (Teleporters deactivated)


-Shadows of Evil: Subway - Allows one to explore the underbelly of the map, from mule kick all the way to the PAP machine.


-Shadows of Evil: Footlight- Allows one to explore the footlight area with all the cars.


-Der Eisendrache: Test site: You have the entire rocket site to have fun with, but be warned, the wondersphere is mis-calibrated, if a player uses it, it will launch them upward, landing on the pad just behind them. Zombies will be disintegrated in the blast: NOTE using the machine costs 50 points off your score and it still has to recharge. Likewise, the rocket won't test fire while you're down here, (that'd just make things TOO easy for zombies.) and the teleporter is offline as well.


-Der Eisendrache: Under-croft: Everything that turns blue, is blue, have fun surviving and running on walls!



The game plays out as normal. 10 Minutes of gun-game fun! You'll go through each kind of your weapon kits so you have TOTAL control over the weapon you use. For instance, you don't know WHICH LMG you'll start off with, but it will be one of the weapon kits you have for LMGS.

There are the usual drops:

-GREEN: Effects the living -Insta kill, nuke, max ammo, double points, monkey bomb. AND a new one: Gobble gum: Will give you a random gobble gum to assist you, could be anything.


Purple: Effects everyone: -Insta-kill; everyone dies in one hit. -Blood money: The person that grabs this gets 100 points. Double points, and Nukes benefit the team that grabs it.


Red: Effects the dead: Insta-kill: You now only have to hit the living once. Nuke does it's normal thing, as do double points Blaze of Glory: Causes you to become ablaze (burst after death) or electrified (Stuns zombies after death) Beast: Causes you to become twice as strong as a monster from SOE.


Likewise there are some mechanic upgrades. -Zombies have more health making them harder to kill. -Players now take THREE swipes to take out, which should be easy with zombie's improved health.

Gungame is no longer based on kills, you switch weapons when you push Y. The weapon you switch to will only have a barrel full of ammo, the rest is empty. Getting a max ammo will only fill the barrels of the weapon, and only the weapon you're holding. Likewise you can never be sure as to WHICH weapon you switch to. 




Here's the wager part:

It costs 1 LD to enter a match, the winner gets 3 LD. Second place gets 1, and the other two don't get anything.

Beginning the match submits your LD to the pot. Leaving the game will drop you from the running, but you won't get your LD back no matter what.





There are again, 6 places to play:

The giant: (Full map) Stars group 935 members VS Division 9 members. 

Shadows of Evil: Water front and Canals: Here's the main gimmick here. As with most maps, the tools you need are on the OTHER side of the map (jug, speed, PAP, ect) but the only way to access the other side of the map is the tram. The tram it's self holds juggernog. Other perks on this map include widows wine, speed cola, double tap, pack-a-punch, quick revive and mule kick. You will have margwa, paracite, and meat-RAP rounds. No Apothicon servants in the box either.


Shadows of Evil: Subway: This time, you have access from nero's lair, all the way to the PAP room, but no progression towards footlight,canals, or waterfront. Likewise, the map's main feature is a LACK of perk machines. Instead, there are 3 lone wonderfizz locations in neros lair, near PAP, and where widdows wine used to be. Perks include Deadshot, Stamin-up, Jug, Speed, Revive, electric cherry and Double tap. There's also a PAP machine where it's always been. And there's a sheild item to grab in neros lair. There is no Apothicon Servent here. Likewise there are no margwa rounds, but there are RAP and paracite rounds.


Shadows of Evil: Footlight: The last area starts in the ruby rabbit, and allows players to progress all the way until they meet the junction. The catch? There is no perks on this map. None. At all. There's a box, and a pack-a-punch where the sacrificial alter should have been, but that's it. No margwas, no paracites, no raps. 


Der Eisendrache: Undercroft and Test site: You'll be battling in the under portion of the map. You have from the spawn room, to the undercroft/pyramid area, to the teleporters, to the rocket test site, and the wondersphere that takes you back. You have all perks that are in the normal map in the wonderfizz, as well as jug on the rocket pad, quick revive in spawn, and stamin-up near the pyramid. You also can get the wrath of the ancients from the box, but not any of the other bows. The PAP will shift from round to round between the rocket and it's location in the under-croft. Similar to MOTD, the dragon will also be here and reward players with tram fuses for sacrifices. Tram fuses can activate either tram at random allowing for use to get either a weapon or a drop. The rocket test WILL happen from time to time, as will the low gravity, but not the trigger button for the rocket test. No panzers in this mode BTW.

Der Eisendrache: Bastion: Allows traversal through the main castle, allowing access to the bastion, within the church, the clock tower, and it's courtyard, but not down past the urn's chamber, nor into spawn from the other side (however you can still use the door trap) You also can enter sam's room, and the grand hall. Have fun with access to every perk machine as well, oh, and panzers. You do have both the sheild and the ragnarok builds to use though so... There's that. Two dragons are here this time, sometimes they will spawn green drops, sometimes red. 


That's the maps (BTW maps on the giant and DE star 935 scientists vs Division 9 Scientists, and SOE stars Burlesque girls vs detectives )

Now for the changes to the rules, although pretty much everythings the same.

You have your extra drop: The meat that attracts zombies, but you also have a new kind of drop:

Red Drops, which are bad to the team that picks them up.

-Red insta-kill: Jug is disabled for the team, if they don't have jug, this will not effect them.

-Red double points: Every point your team earns will now also give a point to a member of the other team for a SHORT time, but you will also still be earning points for your team.

-Red Max ammo: empties the clip of the enemy team, but not the reserve.

-Red fire sale: Disables your team from hitting the box, or the gobble gum machines.

-Red blood money: Takes X amount of points from your team. Or resets it to zero.

-Red perk drop: Causes players to lose a perk.

-Red Hand: Causes every drop on the map to turn red or disappear.




Likewise, players CAN actually bring in gobble gum to these matches, although some gobble-gum have been disabled: Perkaholic for instance is a big no-no.

So wager rules: It costs 2 LD to enter this mode, each player of the winning team will get double what they started with AS WELL as any LD earned throughout the game. SO lets say there's team WIN and team LOSE, team win, wins, automatically making it so all 4 players have 4 LD each.

Likewise, if player A gets 2 LD from the game he ALSO gets 2 MORE LD on top of that at the end. As well, every player has a mirror player on the other side. This is also how the red double points works. So player A is mirrored with Player B on the other team. If player B earns 2 LD in the game, but then loses, player A gets -the wining LD, -The LD he earned, AS WELL AS the LD from his other player. I should mention though: If your mirrored player lags out or quits, all the LD he had would still be given to you, regardless who wins.

You can earn a LOT of LD this way, which is why it's costly to enter. But not too costly.



The last mode: Survival of the FITTEST.


This game mode requires one LD to play.

This is actually just basic survival in the grief maps I've described. The only difference is this:

-LD is on the line.


Simply put the MOTIVE of this gamemode is to survive as long as possible. As the round acts as a multiplier.


Say you make it to round 30, you now have 3 LD at base. But lets also say you make it to round 30 and you also EARNED 2 LD. How much do you end up with? 3! JUST THE SAME! Why? Because only the player with the best K/D ratio will get a bonus.


So just a re-cap, you get the basic LD as you normally would from playing normal zombies. You also get whatever round you get to x.1 LD (so if you got to round one you die and get NO LD, but getting to round 10 means getting one LD. Getting to 9 means you don't get any divinium bonus, and getting to round 11 means you only get one LD. )

So, if you start a game, spend 1 LD, then get to round 9 and die out, so sorry, you just wasted a divinium. But getting to round 10 means you break even. Likewise you earn any amount of LD from the game as if it were a normal game.

Lastly there's the first-prize bonus, which is the player at the END of the game holding the most points (as in earned in the match, not as in spent) If you get to a certain number of points you can earn anywhere from 1-4 LDs depending on your point total.

You can really earn LDs in bulk here too, but it can take much longer. This gamemode is really more to add in some new maps to the game. As well, this is the ONLY gamemode you can play solo as well, although there will be no divinium bonus. 


Your thoughts? Also I KNOW that they said they weren't planning on making any more gamemodes for the game, and I know the workload this would take. But it would add an interesting gambeling aspect to the game. 

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interesting idea... the last onerather than being a wager match should be already in the game so you'd get 1 divinium every 10 rounds +LD from purchases. Cause let's face it, getting to round 10 and then breaking even isn't even a risk... I didn't like Turned and Grief that much in BO2 but if you could earn LD with those modes and some of the bad things in them would be fixed they could be quite enjoyable and bring more competetive aspect in zombies :) 

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