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ShadowClaw---> Krausful Lawfibulator?

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Ok, so the Shadow Claw weapon in MP is generally my second most desired weapon to get eventually right now. But I was thinking and: I wonder what use it would have in zombies. 


So I got thinking and came up with this. 


The shadow claw has 4 unlock-able attachments that GREATLY change the usefulness of the gun. 

-Reticles : Same ole-same ole. 

-Galvanized bolts: Creates a small electric feild that stuns the zombie it hits like electric cherry, but the REAL use of this is upgraded. When upgraded, this gun has the same powers as the Kraus Refibulator, in that it can revive players from afar instantly. Shooting a zombie will still produce the stun effect (Can't be equipped with explosive bolts on the same weapon)

-Explosive bolt: Explodes after a few seconds like the crossbow. Upgraded, like the Crossbow, it will attract zombies to where the bolt is about to explode. (Can't be equipped with Galvanized bolts on the same weapon)

-Duel Wield: Congrats! You can now mix-and match each weapon, you can have a normal duel-wield crossbow, a double explosive bolt or a double galvanized bolt shadow claw as well. (reticles can not be equipped with duel wield. )

But the best thing to do is to equip all 3. This gives you one hand with an explosive bolt, and one hand with an electric one. Upgraded, you can revive and distract zombies with ease! Just watch your ammo...


So what do you think? Like the idea?

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Krausful Lawfibulator. That is amazing. Treyarch, please make this a thing.

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I like the name. Krausful Lawfibulator.... sounds promising. A dual wield may be OP though. 

I had to Google the Shadow Claw, lol....

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I don't think it will be OP. After all, the ammo count would be rather low. Now it's half-ed AGAIN because half the ammo is explosive, the other is revival. It evens out I'd like to think.

Edit; Oh yeah, and you can't ADS with duel weild. Hitting players becomes THAT much harder. 

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