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I have been trying to build as much information about the characters in Dead Ops Arcade 2. There is obviously very little to go on, and this is a work in progress but I am trying to build what I can from the appearance of the characters and details that can be noticed in 1st person mode. There are numerous small links to zombies, campaign and Nightmares in doa2, so I was interested to see if the characters would link to the campaign/Nightmares in any way.

As we have no names for the characters, I will be categorising them by colour indicator, as the same character will always spawn for the same colour.


This is the character that you will always spawn in as on solo, or player 1 in co-op games. This character is part of the Egyptian Army, which can be found in campaign/Nightmares missions 'Black Ops', 'Demon Within', 'Rise and Fall', 'Sand Castle' and 'Lotus Flower'. The exact character model can be found in the mission 'Rise and Fall'.

There are emblems/badges on the chest and trousers of this character which represent the Scarab beetle (different version of the Scarab beetle than the one seen on the AS power up). These badges are also on the clothing of some of the Egyptian Army characters, as well as the Egyptian military vehicles. The badge is also on one of the campaign helmets with the name Anubis. Anubis was the Egyptian god of the dead.







Player 2 will always spawn as this character. You can see by the badge on the arm of the uniform and the beret that this character works for the Singapore police department. In campaign/nightmares we have the Singapore Armed Forces, who were ordered by the Singapore government to shoot anyone who tried to flee the quarantine zone that had been placed upon the city of Singapore after the Singapore disaster, an incident where the Coalescence Corporation caused the deaths of over 300,000 people when Nova 6 gas was released into the atmosphere. This is the quarantine zone we enter when playing the map 'Hypocentre', and Singapore is also the setting for the maps 'In Darkness', 'Vengeance' and 'Provocation'.

Although this character is clearly employed by the police department, the red beret usually signifies an officer who is a part of the police tactical unit, responsible for anti-riot and disaster management, so could have been involved with the Singapore Armed Forces during policing of the quarantine zone in Singapore.

The character model can be found in the campaign/Nightmares mission 'Vengeance'. He is being hung by members of the 54 immortals, and although still alive cannot be saved.




Player 3 will always spawn as this character. This character can be found in the campaign/Nightmares map 'Vengeance'. She is upstairs in the apartment complex at the beginning of the map to the right, above the room where the DOA song 'Clockwork Squared' is playing from the speakers below the tv. Character is alive but swiftly murdered by members of the 54 immortals when the player reaches the top of the stairs. Appears to be a civilian living within the quarantine zone in Simgapore.






Player 4 will always spawn as this character. The letters on the helmet of this character spell Z.D.F and you can see on the waist/hip of the character (not clear enough to read in the image) that it says Zurich Defense Force. In campaign/Nightmares we have the Zurich Security Forces, or Z.S.F, which is also referred to as the Zurich Defence Force. They are a private security firm who were responsible for defending Zurich against terrorist attacks and were employed by the Coalescence Corporation.

The Z.S.F can be found in the campaign/Nightmares missions 'Black Ops' and 'Life'. The logos for the Z.D.F and Z.S.F are the same, and can be seen on the clothing of the character, as well as the vehicles in Zurich that belong to the Z.S.F


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Great work, I dont believe anyone previous made something like this for DOA or DOA2. One thing: You forgot the Cosmic Silverback. I believe he is the main character, althought I dont understand the intro

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Thanks. I'm not sure what information I could find about the silverback that would be of any relevance, but it is worth a look in 1st person to see if there are any distinguishable logos on clothing etc so I will add if I find anything of relevance.


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Trying to delete one of the original images as it is no longer needed now other pics have been added, but cannot remove it from the post. Any help from a moderator would be appreciated, I'm using a tablet which may be part of the issue?

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Lol, appreciate the response! There are a few levels set in Singapore, I thought I may have caught a glimpse of her in the map 'Provocation' but if so it's hard to get a decent pic. I was leaning towards civilian, but if she is the character I think I saw then there may be some links with the 54 immortals. I will continue to search, thanks!

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