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The Kn-44

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Alright, so I'm starting to see a trend. 

In the giant we had a the image of the summoning key and the KN-44 in it. 

In Der Eisendrache, the Kn-44 appeared at specific points while doing the easter egg, just for a moment, then disappeared. 

NOW, in the new ZNS cut-scene, as pointed out by redditor:   duducukier The guns being held by the Japanese soldiers is, you guessed it, the KN-44. 

What's odd about this is that we see the germans in the der eisendrache cutscene are wielding WW2 weaponry. Why the sudden jump to the most MYSTERIOUS weapon in the game? 

It could just be a cutscene error which is HIGHLY possible. But still... It leaves you with questions....

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I can imagine the devs back at Treyarch HQ just stroking their chins and looking at the OP's post, cackling evilly to themselves at how easily they're trolling people with nothing but the addition of a random AR in a few random locations. 

In all honesty, I think the point of the Japanese soldiers is a good one to raise, could it have to do with more and more 115 displacement-related problems?

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