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BO3 custom map idea: Danganronpa! Undead!

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Welcome to Justice-Ocean highschool! Where you have been chosen to attend a class for gifted students! 

Meet your Classmates! :

Kira Mosohaki: Med student. Shy. Special traits: Asthemetic, always has first-aid kit on hand. 

Lucy Jokhaldri: Your basic anime highschool Yandri ( schoolgirl who will kill for her lover) Special traits: Ultimate Cheerleader and is infatuated with Kolido Jame. 

Kolido Jame: The ultimate high school football star, strong and muscular build. Special traits: Super self-centered to the point he doesn't even notice Lucy Jokhaldri, his self-appointed girlfriend. 

Halbird Jonescapa: The ultimate game designer. Specifically RGPs. Special traits: Thin as a bone and only speaks as if he's in an RPG. 

Scarletterea: The ultimate sharpshooter. Will use sex as a weapon. Special traits: Blood disorder that requires she do medication almost hourly. 

Alice Garnet: The ultimate chemist. Typically spends her time high off drugs. Special traits: Carries playing cards with her wherever she goes. Is also asthmatic. 

Yuno Kogami: The ultimate psychologist. Shows no sign of emotion ever. Special traits: Not evil, but arrogant, impressive knowledge about human behavior. 

Yuki yagami: The ultimate high-diver. He's optimistic, and has an unnecessary need to keep promises.   Special traits: Can hold breath for extensive periods of time. 

and lastly Jharro Redlev: The ultimate high-school strategist: Prefers not to speak. Special traits: Unknown. 



Zomb-o-kuma: A half zombie, half robot bear that appears on monitors and runs the courtroom. He's a mystery he is, but he's just a puppet. Who's REALLY running this show? 


Omni-man: The weapons specialist in this school. He's also half robot as well. Saddly, even though he wishes to help you, he's also incapable of murdering a student or disobeying Zomb-o-kuma's orders. 


And the playable Characters: 

Quintast: The ultimate forensics expert. Knows his way around just about any wound. Special traits: Intense need to make people bleed, but not to kill.

Frena Seve: The ultimate Highschool runner. She's fast and deadly, but something's keeping her from running away from the zombies as fast as she likes. Special traits: Can jump high (not that it offers any in-game advantage) 

Barano Bolvajaski: The ultimate inventor. Really smart, but even he can't seem to piece together what's going on. Special traits: Arrogant, with a "you'll never be on my level" feel to it. 

Jessica Colrana: The ultimate nun: She's quiet and shy, until nightfall. To which at night, she becomes much more demonic. Special Traits: Can become a demon at night (again, no in-game advantage against zombies) 



Here's how the game works: 

You are given your choice of weapon, but everyone has to have the fallowing items for this to work: 

-Objection pulses: Ragnaroks, slam them to make an OBJECTION during an argument. The trial-room will automatically charge up your Pulses, but it takes a few seconds, during which time you could MISS an important OBJECTION opportunity during the conversation. Outside of the hall it can also be used as a regular Ragnarok DG-4, but you can't use it as a trap. 


-Decision-mode: When the trial is done, each player can use the flame-fountain in their pew to become beastmode, they will then electrocute the player they think did it. Shock it the correct one and you live. Shock the wrong one and you'll be killed when you re-spawn. Note: each player MUST select a person to continue the trial, likewise, if one player guesses correctly THEY LIVE when they return to normal. 


-Gobble gums: In the trial-room there is a blue gobble-gum machine that will constantly give you free gobble gum infinitely. However, you will (should) have 5 gobble gum equipped as according to the rules: 


-Evidence: This will arm you with the truth-gun shoot a classmate to show him the cold hard facts. To unequip the gun push Y (like the death-machine) 

-Account: This will bring evidence to the table if you failed to acquire all the evidence in time for the trial. Note: This is a mega-gobble gum and it's limited to 3 uses per-game.  

-Contradiction: This is the offensive gum, it will arm you with the lie-gun shooting a classmate with it that's making a contradiction will bring it to light. 

-Alibi: This is used when you are being accused. It can clear your name, but can also fail 50% of the time. 

-Inference: This is the wild-card, play this if you have NO idea what to do and it will offer a hint. 




Round 1: You spawn in on the ground level of the school, and you have access to the dorms,the trash compactor, the pool, the **** please report this topic, post ****, the warehouse, and the armory. In the armory you can find the only mysterybox spawn. In the **** please report this topic, post ****/warehouse you can find all the perks: Jug. Speed. Double. QR and Stamin-up. 

This is what's considered a normal round. 

At the end of it will be round 2: Night time: Where zombies will keep spawning until all players get to the dorm section. You can use this infinite time to get some points however, not that they're that useful. 


The next day will be similar with day and night cycles. You'll notice that around the place you can see some of the students. 

Round 5 is where all hell breaks loose. 

The rule of the school is: To escape, you have to kill someone and get away with it. Now, there's been a murder in the pool room. 

The first death has occurred:  Alice Garnet has been murdered! 

The first thing you'll notice about the round is that there are no zombies. There won't be. Instead, head to the pool area, once all players in the game are there, a timer will start counting down. This is EVIDENCE time! You will need to search the map for clues to who did it. Once the timer runs out, it's TRIAL TIME. 

Evidence is all over the map, but only on the first trial is it glowing. You can also get evidence by talking to students (costs 1000). Hopefully, you'll have found all the evidence you need by the time the trial starts. 


Trial time (round 6): Here's how trials will play out. Again, there are no zombies. 

You have infinite access to the free gobble gum machines, as well as a recharging ragnarok you can find as well. However you'll need to pay attention to the argument. 

If you find something that's wrong, slam down your OBJECTION pulses. This will stop the conversation, and if you did it at the right time, the conversation will break it's loop and continue on to the next bit. 

Eventually you'll be stuck in a shootout, where one or more person(s) will try to pin the crime on you. At this point, you'll need gobble gums to help. If you collected evidence earlier that would state what they're saying wrong, use the Evidence Gobble gum. If you missed the evidence you can also use the "account" gobble gum 3 times per game to bail you out. 
Otherwise you get a red mark. IF you get 3 red marks during a trial EVERYONE IS KILLED INSTANTLY.  

If a player has no idea what to do they can use the inference gobblegum, this can also sometimes bail you out of not having evidence, but you can't rely on it. 

Contradiction Gobble gum will only work if the enemy you shoot IS INVOLVED WITH THE CASE. This does NOT mean they did it however. 

Likewise ALibi Gobblegum is defensive and only serves to SOMETIMES stop you from getting a red mark. 



Do everything right, and you'll reach the FINAL DECISION. Note: Zapping the wrong box kills you instantly. But if you guess correctly, you live and you can move onto the next trial. 

Just note: The classmate that did the crime will ALSO be killed. 


Eventually the game ends when enough trials have come to light, and the mysteries behind the school come to fruition. 



Things to know:

None of the playable characters will ever commit a crime. Zapping their box will only result in your death. 

The upper floors become unlocked after each trial is complete, using this you can find the floor with pack-a-punch, wall weapons, the wonder-waffe DG-2, and more! There are 5 floors total. (Meaning there's 5 trials total you need to figure out) 

The timer and evidence will not start/appear until all players are near enough to the body. 


So tell me what you think! You like the idea? 



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