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UPDATE 3.29.16

Personality Reanimated 

by RequixEclipse


This has be created to provide a current view, background, and brief analysis on who our four characters are now. OP will update when Reanimation/Changes are seen and a clear change in the environmental baseline takes place. Info include the Alternate/Original storyline in Black Ops III. Every thing from Der Riese up until Buired in Black Ops II All of which no longer happened.


Personality Reanimated

Tank Dempsey deployed with US Marines to France. His Mission was to extract High Value Target Edward Richtofen. Dempsey is aware of all events and the circumstances of time.
After encountering Takeo, Nikolai, and Richtofen in Origins the four set aside their difference to survive the outbreak. When meeting Samantha Maxis and freeing her from Agartha, he and the others were informed of the future apocalypse and was tasked to avert the future apocalypse.
Tank has been sent to the Der Riese facility, just after WW2 Richtofen sent Maxis, Samantha, and Fluffy to their fate. Warns WW2 Richtofen to not change the future. However in The Giant due to exposure to Element 115, Dempsey has started to curse more and is becoming very arrogant. Thus resulting in his original personality mixing with his younger self. 
WW2 Dempsey was killed by (Origins) Dempsey in order to save his soul using the Summoning Key acquired in Shadows of Evil. Dempsey despite slowly becoming like his older self due to 115 showed great sadness and remorse when killing his Original timeline self. Doing this provided the evidence of Tank Dempsey's compassion like in Origins.




Personality Reanimated

Dr. Edward Richtofen begins studying the concept of parallel and alternate timelines. He would go on to find many other worlds and within them exists many versions of himself and allies. 
He would stumble upon one particular universe, where Samantha and another incarnation of him, Eddie, are mere innocent children casually playing with their zombie toys. Richtofen wants to protect them, but to do this he must alter the timeline, by killing every version of himself. 

Richtofen makes a stop at Shadows of Evil and acquires the Summoning Key from four survivors in Morg City.

He would travel through time to Der Riese right after WW2 Richtofen trapped Maxis and Samantha in the teleporter with Fluffy. WW2 Richtofen turns on the teleporter, only to find the (Origins) Richtofen inside who proceeds to shoot WW2 Richtofen in the head, permanently altering the future of the original timeline.
(Origins) Richtofen quickly uses the Summoning Key to capture and preserve the essence of the soul within his older self. *Dempsey notices this*
Eventually, the four activate a beacon in the facility, allowing Maxis from another dimension to locate them. 

After acquiring a Giant Robot from the Der Riese facility, the four pursue the scattered remains of Group 935 to Griffin Castle. Richtofen activates the Summoning Key, forcing the others to levitate in the air. Here, Richtofen's plan is revealed to the others. Richtofen plans to kill the original versions of themselves to put in the Summoning Key like he did with his own at the Der Riese facility. 

When Dempsey put his future self down, Richtofen briefly comforted him after it was done, showing that he had laid his previous hatred of Dempsey off to the side. 

Richtofen then captures the soul of WW2 Tank Dempsey with the Summoning Key.



Personality Reanimated

Nikolai Belinski has not succumbed to Alcoholism in return he seems to be intelligent and make an effort to cooperate with his comrades. although does not have a high self esteem. He is willing to give his life for the greater good, humble and has a high survival instinct.

Nikolai's opinions on the other three vary depending on how well they fight, he dislikes Takeo and Dempsey if they fight poorly, and respects them if they fight well. However he hates Richtofen if he fights poorly, but tolerates him if he fights well. When Samantha begins to speak, he is the most concerned for her safety and wishes to attempt to save her more than the other three. He also fears the damages they may do when teleported into the future, but realizes he is needed to ensure that future events don't happen. 

As you progress into higher rounds on The Giant, Nikolai talks more about drinking vodka and alcohol due to exposure of Element 115. This shows that his original personality is mixing with his younger self. 
Nikolai has a similar personality to his WW2 self by the time they reach Der Eisendrache. You'll see that when conversing with Richtofen he says he has a thirst for alcohol. Nikolai shows Respect and passion from Origins as WW2 Dempsey is put down. Watching in silence and remorse even with his WW2 self mixing with his younger self.



Personality Reanimated

Takeo Masaki's personality remains largely unchanged, but his beliefs in honor and discipline still existed since he never met Richtofen; his background is also expanded: he comes from a noble family who is close enough to the Emperor's household, thus why he was entrusted with this mission, and he is a leader to his men as well, proven in the battle of Mukden. 

He doesn't trust his comrades and believes that their failures bring great dishonor and shame to their ancestors, but he will respect them if they fight well, and tolerates Richtofen, considering he does not have much combat experience. 

Believes the German manned machines are abominations and must be destroyed. 

Suspicious of Samantha when he hears her talk, but will continue to help her escape from Agartha nonetheless. 
he and the others gain trust and decided to work together to avert the apocalypse after explanation from Samantha about future events.

Takeo expresses the same feeling of change in future alongside Tank and Nikolai, but when the future was erased by Richtofen, Takeo changed his opinion and agreed to continue help for a better tomorrow. 

In The Giant during higher rounds Takeo talks about honor more and his loyalty to the emperor of Japan and if playing on co-op he starts distinguishing himself from the others, this is due to exposure to element 115. This is a result in his original personality mixing with his younger version. 

In the ending Der Eisendrache cutscene he along with Nikolai watched in great sadness and silence as WW2 Dempsey was put down, showing that despite his older personality mixing with his younger self he still had the remorse and respect for allies he had in Origins.


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