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Anywhere but here....

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I never use it and I prefer the hide in plain sight as it makes it easier to plan my next move instead of being in a random place and having to think of a plan so quick. The suggestion I have is this. What if the Anywhere but here gumball could teleport you behind closed doors / new sections of the map? 

That way you can use it for challenges. I'd love to use it and force myself to stay in that new, random room for the rest of the game. Or something. 

It would be cool if the team opens the SoE pack-a-punch and they find you crying in a corner without jugg or weapons.... hahaha

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That would be funny but not usefull. Once you are teleported to the other side of the map you can either surviving solo till someone bought all doors and once you are down, no one can revive you. Or you have to buy all doors yourself. I think if this would be added, very less people will use the gobblegum. However, you can make it a tempoary teleport, like the rooms you teleport to in Kino. Once the zombies are gone, you teleport back to the place you used the gobblegum.

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I remember seeing a video where people in shadows of evil managed to get to the Summoning Room above the starting area without opening the door. When they dropped off the ledge to get to the next room the game immediately killed them, so in theory that would be a cool idea, but in reality it wouldn't work well.

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This could cause issues. Like Der eisendrache, if you use it at the start of a solo game, and teleport up to the death-ray. You're stuck there. For the rest of the game. No way out because all doors need POWER to activate. 

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^ That's exactly the thing I hope for, lol. 

It's just a fun suggestion, not really something that has to change. The gumball is (about) fine as it is. 

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