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Different Drops and what they mean

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Hello, this is just a small feature I noticed about drops in BO3 zombies, 

As of right now there are 3 kinds of drops: 





Each of which means something different enjoy. 

-Green Drops: 


These are standard drops with predictable outcomes. They affect GAMEPLAY and base gameplay features. These include: 


-Double points

-Fire sale


-Carpenter and

-Max Ammo 


Next up is BLUE Drops: These imply that a player is PICKING UP an object, these include: 

-Tram Fuses

-Death machines

-Ragnarok Parts

Note: All of these ARE timed about as long as a green drop, but WILL eventually disappear (even the parts) 



Last is PURPLE drops: These are specifically tied to the void bow's symbol step in Der Eisendrache. They're only use is to "gather" the name of the urn's demon. Likewise these drops have a DRASTICALLY reduced time of existence, meaning they disappear QUICKLY. 



Now there is ONE More color drop not yet seen in BO3, but WAS seen in BO1's map: moon. 

RED DROPS: Bad: Typically these drops mean bad things for players. AND they can be picked up by zombies. Ranging anywhere from red max ammo drops that empty your reserve ammo, to red blood moneys that take away points. 

Can't find a picture of any however... 

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11 minutes ago, Koslans said:

Also, yellow ones. Pack a punch items on Shadows of Evil. 

Those aren't drops. They're just items/parts that glow. A drop is activated by walking over it and pushing nothing. 

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I would love to see a return of the red drops, they could be implemented really well with the gobblegums, and they could give us a chance to potentially increase the effects of drops as well. For example, the double points gobblegum could have the potential to spawn in a double points, triple points or to deduct points for the duration of the power up. 

I did manage to find an image of the red carpenter drop on moon, but it is not the best quality.



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